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Learn how to relate to your loved ones, coworkers, friends, children, employees, employers and everyone in between at the depth connectivity and resonance that is unimaginable.

What if every relationship you are in becomes a winning experience for both of you in it? What would life be like?

If your relationships are stuck, you most likely won’t be able to grow in any other area of your life. The most successful people are recognized by their ability to powerfully navigate any type of relationship.

If you are ready to shift this today, then our Relationships Immersion would be a great place to start. I’ll take you to the most galvanizing portion of the process – relationship mastery.

Together 20 years

Perhaps you’ve been married to the same person for 20 years and you still don’t feel you have a truly good or great relationship. This mastery track can give you all the tools you need to improve that relationship many-fold.

If you are in relationships now but want to take it to a higher level will gain enormous benefit from the segments of this process.

If you aren’t in a relationship but want to be. This is your path to success.

People who are in relationships that are disempowering will find this mastery track particularly clarifying. You’ll discover solutions and strategies to turn undesirable relationships into highly desirable ones. 

If you learned only this piece of the technology I’m offering — and nothing more — your relationships will improve and prosper to such a level you couldn’t calculate the personal rewards and profits you will reap.

father son relationship

The result of this process will produce specific and immediate change and improvements in all the relations you encounter in ALL aspects of your life. Most people never realize it but relationships are processional by nature. Think about it for a minute. It’s related to growth. Personal growth. Your personal growth.

If you want to help to grow, learn to understand, forgive, accept, appreciate, and enjoy people and relationships — my relationship mastery track will provide it.

How Others are Using this Course

Finding Your Soulmate

Move Beyond Loss

Repair Family Relationships

Get ready to...

Learn how to relate to your loved ones, coworkers, friends, children, employees, employers and everyone in between at the depth connectivity and resonance that is unimaginable.

Through knowledge demonstration and actual processes learn how to master all the relationships in your life — for evermore.

Take existing relationships to a higher level and gain enormous benefit.

Get out of the wrong relationships and be in the relationships you want to have.

Discover solutions and strategies to turn undesirable relationships into highly desirable ones.

What You'll Learn In This Course...

Love, Soulmates, Friendship, Connection, Intimacy, Negotiation, Leadership, Teamwork, Fun, do people achieve life long mastery in these areas?

Relationships 1

Assessing Relationships in the Energy

You will learn how to approach everyone at home and at work so that your true capacities fully support you to create wonderful, ongoing relationships. 

Categorizing Your Relationships to Ensure Success

You will learn how to set yourself up to win in all your relationships throughout each day. 

Relationships 2
Energy Body

The Energy Self

Use this Energy to release the incredible love that is waiting inside of you to contribute to both others and yourself.

Real Relationships in the Energy

With this Energy, you can create winning relationships with all kinds of people regardless of age, or points of view.

Relationships 4

Creating Opportunities for Feedback and Support

Creating relationships with people at work and at home can blossom more in this Energy every day no matter what the circumstances are. 

Relationships Mastery Course Details

Relationships 12

Part 1: Shifting Failure to Success in Relationships

It is of vital vital importance to have a firm commitment to living life “jumping” to the right side. This lecture covers how in order to create safety away from the matrix, iin order to be energized in any relationship in order to use the energy to create successful relationships.

Relationships 1

Part 2: Create Win-Wins in Relationships

Learn how to discover loving relationships. In this Energy, you need to experience your “me” or “I” as something that is constantly evolving in this Energy and not ever stuck due to any previous decisions or situations you’ve experienced.

Relationships 2

Part 3: Moosehead Relationships

Part 3 is about how to deal with other people in your life in regards to your failures with them, or their failures with you. It’s not safe to stay in an approach in relationships that limits you so that your true capacities can’t support you to create wonderful, ongoing relationships at home and at work. 

Relationships 4

Part 4: Dealing with Difficult People

Become an expert at creating win/win relationships with not only the easy people, but difficult people as well, at work and with friends and family. Recognize that, even with difficult people, you can methodically follow a certain set of steps to enjoyably further a relationship.

Relationships 4

Part 5: Safety, Trust and Love

In every relationship, it’s imperative that the first goal on your part has to be clearly determining if you can trust the other person or not. This is the first step that’s absolutely essential in the process of categorizing each relationship before it goes any further. Learn how to properly categorize relationships for both partners to win and be empowered, ensure success, and be in the flow and at peak efficiency. 

Relationships 5

Part 6: Relationship Categories

The solution to creating great short-term and long-term relationships is becoming perceptive as to which category the other person is in before you decide to allow yourself to get any further entangled/attracted to/in love with/dependent on/or to sign a contract with them. One is catapulted into a solution for dealing with a seeming myriad of people to choose from by making sure that you are being in the energy throughout all your decisions about other people that you want to connect with, because the energy is so valuable.

Relationships 6

Part 7: Categorizing Relationships

You want to set yourself up to win in all your relationships throughout each day: the ones you know about, and the ones you don’t know about. It’s important that you recognize that being able to connect with each type of relationship that you have and being able to communicate with each one will give you tremendous joy, effectiveness, more free time, and allow you to feel more success at each hour through your day.  

Relationships 7

Part 8: Loving Yourself 

Part 8 covers the Matrix and the tricks it uses to get in the way of us fully loving ourselves, including examples from ancient China, as well as contemporary people struggling with relationships and with truly connecting with others. It also examines the space that the Matrix would have our Self occupy, and the space that our true Selves can occupy as we connect every day to this Energy. Learn how to keep moving in the direction of your true Self and how to use this Energy to continue to expand, and how to communicate more effectively using this Energy.

Relationships 8

Part 9: Creating Your Self

Learn the process of creating your very own Self, not one that was passed onto you by well-meaning people in your past, but one that you are able to perceive as accurate in enriching your life. Also, learn how to use this Energy to be much more awake and alert to discovering what is around you that is helpful or harmful so that you can create greater success. Finally, learn how to effectively use a timeline in this Energy to forward this exploration.

Relationships 9

Part 10: Matrix Delusions

Unseen delusions can greatly get in the way of our closeness with other people. Through identifying the hidden delusions and connecting with our Selves, we contribute so much to our unfolding life path. Learn how to instead develop the essential actions in the Energy that will allow for your success in reality. 

Relationships 10

Part 11: Automatic Behaviors and Relationships

Learn that you are a creative and evolving individual. Also, learn the difference between having a relationship in the Matrix and having one in this Energy.

Relationships 11

Part 12: Automatic Behaviors and Relationships, II

This part discusses the difference between having a relationship in the Matrix and having one in the Energy. Use the Energy to become self sufficient in order to support your relationships. In the Energy there is love. In the matrix, there is suffering in relationships. If you reach for the Energy, you will find out that there is all of this Energy flowing through your body and you become aware that you are self sufficient and recognize your own internal strength. 

When you enroll today, you'll receive access to:

The Relationships Mastery Course

  • 12 Core Modules
  • 24 Video Lessons
  • 36 Guided Breathing Exercises
  • 24+ Mental and Physical Exercises
  • Access to Daily Live Facilitated Conference Calls – 365 days per year!
  • Monthly Group Success Calls with your Course Facilitators
  • Private Moderated Facebook Page (invitation only) to Connect with Fellow Course Members and Ask Questions of Dr. Morguelan and the Facilitation Team
  • 12 Energy Exercise Guides in PDF to Print-out and Take With You 
  • 12 Competency Tests
  • One free ticket to be a part of our life-changing live events in Austin, Texas where the courses are filmed and meet Dr. Barry in person!

Plus, upon successful completing of the course and all competency tests you will also receive:

  • A badge designating you as a Certified Master of Relationships that can be hosted on your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile
  • A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing
  • Status and recognition as a Certified Master of Relationships 

Who Should Get Certified

Relationship Seekers

Relationship Seekers

Find your soul-mate, best friend, and master social situations.

Counselors, Therapists


Be a master at resolving relationship issues for your clients.

Life Coaches & Consultants

Life Coach

Your success is driven by your ability to have successful relationships with your clients.



Your business will live and die by your ability to attract and maintain relationships. 


Your success at work is defined by how people perceive you are as a team player, manager, and co-worker.

How It Works

Watch the videos.

Group Calls

Attend your live calls.

Write your goals.


Do your mental and physical exercises.

The Energy for Success is Different

Yes, you can find other trainings and certifications that cover similar topics, but an Energy for Success certification is a unique, one of a kind course that you cannot take anywhere else in the world. No one else has made public the knowledge and teachings you will receive through this mastery track.

In other words, you would not be here if you weren’t looking for a life-changing, one of a kind experience that delivers real, measurable outcomes in your life. You are joining a community that includes some of the most famous high performers on the planet from business, sports, art & music, politicians, and community leaders. You will be supported by a community of people committed to achieving the best performance and success in their lives. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You've found your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How will this certificate help me?"

 A: It depends on who you are...

If you're a business owner or professional, this certification is a great way to show that you have achieved mastery of a skill that few people achieve and maintain over the long-term.

If you're involved in sports, music and the arts, you will unstoppable in every goal you set your mind to achieve.

If you're a student, this certificate can set you apart from other graduates who merely have a business or marketing degree, but not the specialized skills that employers today are desperately seeking.

If you're an employee, this certificate can make you more valuable to your company, which is the surest way to get that raise or promotion you likely already deserve.

Q: "How long do I have to complete the class and take the quizzes once I am enrolled?"

 A: You can move at your own pace over a 12-month period!

We understand that life happens, and that just because you enroll today that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to finish (or even start) the class this week. And that’s ok! We will send you your next mastery level each month and you have 30 days to master that topic. We want you to take the time you need to practice and achieve mastery of high performance.

Q: "You talk about different types of exercises, both mental and physical – do I need to be at a certain fitness level?”

A: No, the exercises are designed to start you wherever you are at and progress you forward. You will be more and more agile the longer you practice.


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