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TC01 - The Royals

In this course series, you will learn how to create a whole new level of partnership with your body.


TC02 - Decision Making

This course series will provide you with specific tools and exercises to quickly and easily assess your real options that will create win-win solutions for you and those around you.


TC03 - Failure to Success

In this course series, you will become facile at using the Energy techniques to intervene in any area that you are perceiving resistance to your desires.


TC04 - Relationships

This course series will provide you with access to loving, expansive, trusting relationships with others and with yourself.


TC05 - Criteria

Imagine discovering that your unique life path that is just here for you so that you can win in every endeavor.  Choosing who, where, when, how and will become very, very rapid and successful using these specific Energy videos on achieving YOUR own best criteria.