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I vividly remember myself when I first enrolled in the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series in 2010. I was an anxious and overly cautious graduate student, writing goals to obtain the perfect school psychologist internship upon graduation from my program. I felt overwhelmed because I was a graduate assistant with a full course load and a job in the public school system. I was juggling a lot of responsibility and wanted the perfect job once I graduated.

Thankfully, I was enrolled in the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series and connecting to the Energy daily by doing my Stay Connected to the Energy exercises. To my surprise, for the first time in my life, I was able to take action day after day after day on my goals unceasingly without fatiguing and without stressing out! I could focus and complete my applications for the internship calmly!

The Energy even supported me to narrow down my search for an internship to the two school districts where I most wanted a position. I met with anyone who could help me get the position I wanted within these school districts. The problem with my search for the ideal job was that in Austin, where I live, there is intense competition for too few positions as a school psychologist for the elementary and middle school age groups.

To my amazement, just 3 months after applying, I was offered not one, but BOTH of the internships that I most wanted! Many of my classmates weren’t offered positions at all, but I had the wonderful Energy experience of being able to choose from two winning opportunities which one was the best for me.

For the next year, I worked hard in my internship and it was extremely enjoyable. For my consistent work during this internship, I was awarded an ongoing position and a salary raise! I was doing what I loved and facilitating positive change in my school for the teachers and students. It was better than I imagined.

Over time, the long commute eventually wore on me and I wanted to work closer to home. I reached for the Energy by writing goals and taking action to research all the possible opportunities in my field. I worked on this for an entire year and using the Energy I could tell I was moving in the right direction even though I still had no actual results. The Energy supported me to be patient and calm as I worked to find a solution.

I decided to have an Individual Energy Treatment in January of 2012 to give me the boost I wanted to find another job closer to home. After my Treatment I realized that I needed to reach out to more experienced people in my field to see if I could come up with more possibilities. I recognized that I needed to call my professors, colleagues and special education offices in other Austin area school districts. I was terrified to do this though!

I recognized this as a Matrix trick and reached for the Energy by doing my Stay Connected exercises every day. I kept going forward towards my goal. I called and connected with more and more people, which is what I knew I needed to do. Amazingly, I felt surges of Energy and new ideas for the perfect opportunity.

Finally, after completing at least 5 applications, I got an interview in the district I currently live in. I was really excited about this! Surprisingly, after the interview I realized this wasn’t the opportunity I was looking for. It wasn’t the right fit for me. Thankfully the Energy fueled me to keep going and I knew I was getting closer every day!

I continued applying and interviewing at other school districts, but each one seemed to be the wrong fit. I even started to feel confused about why these districts didn’t want to hire me. I wondered if I would ever find the right job for me.

Then, during the last week of work at my current job, I realized that I had come to appreciate my current position. It wasn’t perfect, but I could see all the Energy-rich qualities it had and why the Energy had brought me here in the first place.

The very next week I got a phone call to interview with another district I had applied to. I felt a little worn down by the Matrix, but I still approached the interview by drawing on the Energy and writing goals to be myself. I connected with all the people in the room during my interview and felt comfortable there. Amazingly, within 2 hours after my initial interview, they offered me a position. Within 1 week I was getting all of my questions answered about the new position. I scheduled several Private Personal Success calls with Dr. B to support me in making the right decision for my future.

After just a few days of learning about the new job I realized that I had finally found what I wanted!! My new school district is within 30 minutes from my home, which I had specifically outlined in my goals. It is a larger, more progressive and experienced district. I recognized that this new job would provide me with many opportunities to grow and expand. The new job is going to provide me with a wonderful raise in my income! Win!

Now, just when I had achieved everything I wanted, there were still challenges to resolve. I had to find a way to let go of my current job within the contract deadline. It was extremely challenging (like pulling teeth) to determine the process I needed to go through in order to surrender my current position. I also had the added pressure that my future employer was about to leave for a two week summer break. What I couldn’t imagine was that I only had two weeks to get out of my current contract! I continued using the Energy to connect with all the right people who supported me in navigating through the difficult process. On the very last day before my future employer’s two week break, the head of human resources personally called me to solidify my approval process. Just in time! I was then able to resign from my current job in good standing, receiving their appreciation and understanding.

Only with the Energy was it possible for me to cut through all the obstacles and the anxiety to create such a win-win result. I am so grateful for God, the Energy and Dr. B as they fuel, guide and support me to get the jobs I want and to positively impact the lives of the students and teachers around me. I am proud to share an acknowledgement from one of my educators about me and my future:

“I wish you the very best. I know that you’ll succeed with whatever you try and will be a help to the organization you’re joining, but especially to the youth you serve.”