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Immersive Awakening

Course Details:

Unlock your next level of achievement, joy, connection, contribution, and abundance with this 7-Day guided breathing visualization program.

*Note: This App Package does not expire. It’s yours to keep and we highly recommend repeating the program over and over.




This week-long progressive journey into the Energy connects you to Source Energy vibrations that nourish and elevate every area of endeavor and experience.

It contains all of the breathing exercises of our 3-day Vitality Decoded program plus 11 more, opening you to higher vibrational frequencies you can use for every one of your goals in any area of life.

Once you’ve completed the program, you will have a complete Energy toolkit to use for any situation you may face in your journey through life. Whether you want to amp up your performance, connect more deeply to your loved ones, or enhance your vitality, you will have instant access to Energy vibrations to support every one of your goals.

This App package does not expire.

Day 1 – Health

Energize Your Body

Restful Sleep

Day 2 – Relationships

Connect to Win-Win People

Recognizing Win-Win Relationships

Day 3

Starting Your Day in the Zone

Building Your Succes Platform

Day 4 – Performance

Starting Your Day In Expanding Momentum

Making Expansion Your Habitual State of Mind

Day 5 – Mastery

Achieving Massive Success Every Day

Recognizing Infinite Possibilities to Success

Day 6 – Health

Achieving Optimal Circulatory Health

Healing Your Body and Mind During Sleep

Day 7  – Integration

Mastering 360 Vibrations

Expansion Into All Areas of Success

Bonus Breathing Visualizations

10 Minutes to the Energy

Seeing Reality