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Are you new to this Energy? Want to try out one of our most powerful and simple practices called Guided Visualizations? Check out our Breathing Programs Available on your IOS or Android phone.

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Are you interested in learning more about this Energy? Are you ready to take on the Core 4 Concepts and Practices and start having successes in your life? Check out our Dragon Programs and get started on your first steps to Mastery.

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Are you ready to achieve and Master life above and beyond your wildest expectations in High Performance, Relationships, Mind, Body, Emotions and Vitality? Then our professional level Mastery Tracks are for you.


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Every month, Dr. Barry Morguelan hosts a live call attended by people all over the world with a special topic that allows you to move ahead in specific areas. The calls are recorded and available on the Get Energy APP to listen to as many times as you want to fully Master the teaching.

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Nine times per year, you can see Dr. Barry live in Austin, Texas AND three special recorded courses over holiday months. Ideal for people who love to travel and enjoy interacting with the amazing Energy community who come from all over the world to participate in the Live Events.

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AVAILABLE ONLY TO EXISTING PARTICIPANTS. Are you already enrolled in Mastery, Live Event or Premier Programs? Then you can apply for and be approved to have one-on-one calls with Dr. Barry to discuss your specific goals, get direct support and guidance on your success path.

OTHER PROGRAMS – Existing Customers Only!

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The Premier Program is our elite invitation only program for people who have already achieved a high level of success in life and who are ready to work directly with Dr. Barry on achieving life Mastery at the highest level. If you are interested in this program, fill out the application to discuss.

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The Topical Courses are available for people already enrolled in our programs but who desire to do a deep study of a specific topic in this Energy. These are intended to enhance your learning of this Energy and augment your existing programs.

Individual Courses Read more

Ever wonder how many courses are available for you to learn how to achieve Mastery? This section contains every course taught by Dr. Barry and new ones are added every month. Nowhere else in the world can you receive new content, teaching and vibrations. A lifetime of learning.