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5 years ago what I did every day of the week was go to a coffee shop and work behind the counter serving coffee to customers. I had absolutely no idea, nor did any of my friends, on how I was going to move out of this job as a coffee server into any other jobs that would be more fun and financially successful. Yes I had a dream since I was a kid (but it was only a dream) to be a writer. The only problem was that I had absolutely no professional writing experience. I did not have the background or the credentials to even interview for a job in writing.

Faced with this predicament, I went to see Dr. Morguelan for an Individual Energy Treatment in LA. During the session he said we should use the Energy right away to find a more career-oriented job that would pay me more money. At first I wasn’t at all interested in what he was saying even though I could feel with the Energy that I was somehow dramatically changed inside. You see, I had it since forever that I would work in a coffee shop until I dropped or somehow made it in the writing business.

Over the next couple of weeks after my Energy Treatment, I became excited about the idea that maybe a more serious job would be a good idea. So with the Energy, I decided to go for it.

One of the first actions I took was to call a friend of mine who worked in the entertainment industry. She said, “It’s funny you should call, we are actually hiring right now.” So I applied for a job. A few days later I got a call – they had hired me with my present background and wanted me to start right away.

The following week I went into my first day at work and only then found out what my duties would be. Once again I was given the job of getting coffee for people! Also, I had the duties of delivering packages, cleaning the office and other odd jobs. But before I got very dismayed at this return to barista, I discovered something the first day that I was there that I didn’t know at all when I applied for this company. To my surprise, they employed writers to write the movie trailers they produced.

Within a month or so of starting my new job (which wasn’t that different than my previous jobs)…for no known reason—out of the blue…I was asked to be the chauffeur for the head of the movie trailer department to drive him somewhere. In the car while I was driving him, he started talking. Again, out of the blue, he asked me a personal question…which was, “what are you interested in doing with your life?” I responded quickly saying, “writing.” Then (this really happened!) he asked me, the driver of his car with very little credentials, if I would be interested in writing movie trailers at my company. I exclaimed, “I sure would! When can I start?” “Tomorrow,” he told me.

The head man’s response was better than I could have hoped for. Now I had another big problem. I admitted to myself that I had never even written one movie trailer script before. I had never written for the movies in any capacity before whatsoever. Instead of being stopped by this, I met with Dr.B and decided to not be stopped by this challenge. Thereafter, every day, I reached for the Energy by doing my Energy exercises and writing goals about how I wanted things to go.

I was not afraid when the next day I was ordered to write a movie trailer script and given a deadline. I called on the Energy and decided to watch a movie after work and write at night because I still had to complete all of the required duties of my first job. The next day I turned in my scripts with all the other writers and waited nervously for the producer to decide which ones he was going to put in the packet to send to the client.

I became ecstatic when I found out that 3 of my scripts were chosen to be in the company’s offering to the client! I was shocked the next day…the client, Sony Pictures, chose one of my scripts to be turned into a TV commercial for their new movie!

Then for the first time, I heard the words that I had written actually being read by a professional voice-over actor. This was a very important moment for me because after all these experiences I now had real evidence that I had a talent for writing. Dr.B had told me long ago that the talent was inside me, but I never had been certain about that or how I would bring it out until I took his advice to start using the Energy to go after what I wanted. I credit the Energy with being the catalyst to allow my deep internal talent to finally shine.

I continued writing and shortly after that first experience I found out that another script I wrote for a TV show on A&E had been pitched by our company and chosen by A&E to become a commercial for the show. The producer on the project was excited and sent an email to the heads of the company informing them that I had written the script. He later told me that it was an accomplishment that many writers in the industry had never achieved…and I was still responsible for all my other duties including…yes as always….getting coffee for people. To my amazement, with the Energy I continued having huge successes with my writing for the movies. I wrote a script that was chosen to be in the trailer for Transporter 3, starring Jason Statham. In a high level meeting with the head of the movie trailer department, he announced to me that I “was the most promising young writer he had ever seen at the company”.

6 months after that, my company officially hired me as a writer. I was finally relieved of my previous profession of getting coffee for people. Now, for the first time in my life I was getting paid to write for the movies – all day, every day. What was only a dream when I used to pour coffee as a barista, 18 months earlier, had now come true and become my exciting everyday occupation. But I didn’t stop there! I decided to use the Energy to write more goals – even bigger goals—and bigger goals.

I saw on the calendar that the movie industry has a yearly award show to honor the best writers. After hearing this, I immediately wrote a goal to win one of those movie awards. I am happy to report that a year later, after much hard work, doing the Energy exercises and goal writing, I didn’t win an award – I won four awards!!!

So I had now been in the movie business for a relatively short time, but in one of my breathing exercises I decided that I was really interested in also becoming a movie producer. So once again I wrote goals and took a lot of action with the Energy to learn what I needed to succeed as a movie producer. After over a year of enjoyable work as a writer and learning about producing, I presented a proposal to the president and the heads of two departments asking to now be trained to become a producer. All three of them unanimously agreed that this was a good route for me to take. So, as of now they have started me in training to eventually become my present dream which is a writer/producer of movies.

Since I first started with my company I have gotten a raise of over 300%. Using the Energy I successfully made it through the Hollywood hoops to achieve my dream. Not bad for a guy who was making $8 an hour working in a coffee shop dreaming of writing 5 years ago.