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Special offer for stopping by our activation space to enjoy a BulletProof (Dave Asprey) butter coffee and for visiting our "Guided Visualization" booth! 

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Even if you’re an accomplished student of breathing techniques, try these four different exercises. You’ll discover how to...

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  • Strip away the sources of anxiety and stress.
  • Instantly create a deeper sense of calm.
  • Begin the process of healing your body, cleansing your mind, and tapping into hidden sources of energy.  

About the Creator: Dr. Barry Morguelan 

Dr. Barry Morguelan is a double board certified Gastroenterologist and Internal Medicine doctor trained at UCLA and now practicing in Los Angeles. Throughout his time as a western doctor, he has been profoundly interested in cutting edge techniques that would more efficiently treat, heal and prevent disease. His treatment of iconic figures for the past 20 years with this unique 5000 year-old Chinese Energy technique has brought him clients from all over the world from every age, ailment, ethnicity, and religion.