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Getting In The Zone

It really doesn’t matter what you call it.

Getting in The Zone, being in The Source Energy, whatever.

The point is

There is a state where what you feel, hear, and see all become more vivid, and more meaningful.

How do you get to this place, what’s the most productive way to experience it, and how do you stay there?

Start With A Simple Commitment

Make a commitment to winning. That’s all it takes to begin.

After all, why go through each day in your life if you don’t intend to win?

Some people think that winning applies more to sports than it does to life.

It doesn’t. Winning touches everything and it doesn’t mean that if you win, somebody else has to lose. Not at all. Strive for win-win outcomes.

You don’t need to be a sports fan to appreciate the fact that winning takes desire.

The desire to win is why not everything goes according to plan in sports.

An individual athlete, widely viewed as the underdog, might want a win more than the highly confident opponent.

So, to get in The Zone, the first step to take is to make sure you are committed to winning.

Ideally, when it’s appropriate, figure out how your win won’t come at somebody else’s expense.

In your everyday life, you might believe that it’s unreasonable to expect to win every battle, achieve every goal, and avoid every obstacle.

Because you may have been conditioned and trained through some type of therapeutic modality, chances are you don’t set your expectations correctly.

You may be afraid of setting expectations too high. Perhaps, after some disappointments, when things didn’t work out, you slipped into a pattern where you were happy to expect less, and to settle for less.

That’s a common problem, isn’t it? You expected too much, and when it didn’t happen, you lowered your expectations.

This is Matrix thinking. It tricks you into believing that things won’t work out, that you need put limits on yourself.

Chances are these are artificial limits. They’re false, they’re not necessary, and they have no business in your life.

As you get ready to step into The Zone, keep in mind that realistic expectations don’t need to be lowered expectations.

If You Don’t Win, What Happens?

Lots of time you lose. Nobody plans to lose.

That would be crazy. It’s no fun and who sets out to let the other guy win?

Win-win outcomes are the way to go. This is why it’s always best to think about how both of you can win.

The Source Energy is all about win-win. The Source Energy is infinite and has plenty of winning outcomes to share.

It will help you identify and effortlessly move toward a win-win outcome.

This win-win outcome is possible, it’s practical, and it clears away tensions, obstacles, and anything else that gets in the way of success.

It‘s valuable to see life this way, and it’s easy for you to get started. You can start to move deeper into The Zone right now.

Write Down A Few Goals To Get Into The Zone

Right now, write down two goals.

The goals you write down don’t have to be big and bold, things that are tough to achieve.

But please make sure you actually write them down. The writing is an essential part of the process.

Make each goal different. For example, one is a relationship goal and one is a thinking goal.

Why do you do this?

To make sure you have two different types of vibrations to connect with. This is how The Source Energy can help you in different areas of your life at the same time.

When you write down your two goals, select the areas that you would like The Source Energy to help you to become more competent in.

Is there an area of your life that you’d like to fix? Maybe something about your health, your relationships, or your career?

The Goal Setting Technique That Creates Better Outcomes

Have you written down two goals?

(The Source Energy works in eight areas. It covers every aspect of your life so don’t worry about setting goals that don’t fit or don’t make sense. If something is meaningful to you and if it makes sense, then it’s achievable.)

Great, and now, I want you to know about one incredibly powerful skill where The Source Energy can help you tremendously.

This skill is thinking.

  • No matter what your goals are, good, sound thinking makes them happen more quickly.
  • The way you think, the way you gather information, evaluate it, and make decisions, impacts every area of your life… which includes your goals.
  • The person who can think clearly usually comes up with a great idea… so that goals grow, they expand, and they cause good things to happen in different areas of your life simultaneously.
  • Your ability to think clearly lets you focus on thoughts that are going to produce a win… a win for you, and a win for others, which means your achievements take place faster and easier.

The Beauty Of Results

Why bother thinking if it isn’t going to produce a result? That would be like driving a car with no destination in mind.

Maybe some people like to daydream, but you want to produce a result, right?

Sometimes when you think, you’ll see a picture of something.

You might hear something or feel a sensation.

You’re not dreaming but you’ll visualize something you want to eat or something that you want to do.

You might even experience the image of someone you’re going to fall in love with.

It may only be a flicker and you’ll wonder, What is this thought? What goes with this image? Are there other words or voices that may relate to this picture?

When you are in The Source Energy you elevate and sharpen your thinking. You better understand the meaning of these images.

Thoughts and fragments of thoughts which once seemed random and separate can be connected, woven together.

This is the state people talk about when they refer to getting in The Zone.

  • Thinking is a process of moving from one related or unrelated thought to another.
  • Thinking is a Source Energy process you can amplify and use to make better decisions and fine tune your awareness.
  • Thinking is also something that is physical, not just mental. There is always a microaction with every thought. We can measure it in your brain. Every time you have a thought, there’s a related microaction that goes on in your body.

You Can Get In The Zone Right Now

Simple adjustments, easy to make changes in the way you think, can quickly unlock massive changes in your life.

The Source Energy is your resource.

Let me invite you to look at an incredibly easy way to learn how to connect to The Source Energy.

It’s The Dragon Eternal Success High Performance Program.

Check it out.

Find out how to get in The Zone… and how to stay in The Zone.

Experience it for yourself… all the ways you can easily connect to the Source Energy so you can elevate your thinking and expand your success.

Find out how easy it is to get started.

There is nothing else like Source Energy to make The Zone a real place, a wonderful place where you can spend as much time as you’d like.