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I was introduced to the Energy about three years ago.  From the moment I first met Dr. Morguelan, I knew I had encountered a lifelong mentor, teacher and friend.  While my relationship with the Energy has beneficially influenced every single area of my life, this success story focuses on the free flow of my creativity and living a life of unlimited potential.

Before the Energy I was a successful choreographer, movement artist and community development consultant. I had accomplished a lot in my life but I still wanted more. Having access to the Energy expanded my desire to do things I had always wanted to do.

For years, I had longed to play the guitar and create original music. I was so busy with my life, focusing in areas where I already had mastery and success that I never made learning guitar a priority. I also had a hidden belief that I could only do what I was already good at. I was hesitant to be a beginner and go through the discomfort of learning something entirely new.  I feared humiliation, failure and being vulnerable in the new territory of singing my own original music. Every now and then over the years, I would pick up the guitar, unable to play anything, with a longing in my heart so strong it would move me to tears.

About a year after I began participating in the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series and Individual Energy Treatments, the desire to play guitar and create original music began to resurface in me. I decided to schedule a Personal Private Success Call with Dr. Morguelan about my desire. On the call with Dr. Morguelan I said, “I have always dreamt of playing guitar and singing. That is what I want to focus on.”  I had never said that out loud or even fully admitted it to myself until that very moment on my call with Dr. Morguelan!

Now a long forgotten treasured dream was uncovered!  I had a deep calling to bring voice to my love of life through song and music!

I have been taking action on this goal since that first call with Dr. Morguelan.  I have used all of the Energy exercises and Dr. Morguelan’s support to take on this great challenge as an opportunity.

In the beginning I could not even strum a chord on a guitar. I was terrified to sing out loud solo. I had never written a song, or composed an original melody. I only dreamed of recording someday and I had no idea how or where to begin.  But I used the Energy and I began taking small action steps towards my goal. The Energy gave me the patience and perseverance I never experienced before to allow myself the learning process.  I felt such a boost and benefit from the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series. It supported me to stay on track with my goal.

After I learned to play guitar as a beginner I wrote new goals to compose music. I was amazed how quickly the Energy supported me to come up with original lyrics and melodies. I would sit outside in the sunshine playing guitar, in communion with the Energy flowing through the sky, trees, birds, breeze and me.  The music of nature and the songs of my soul began coming through.  I literally collaborated with the Energy to create reverent, uplifting songs that praise our infinite potential, honor life and love.  This has been so incredibly fulfilling. This in itself would have been enough, but why stop there?

Many months later, after achieving success learning to play guitar and composing my own music, I decided to focus the Energy towards my even bigger dream of recording. I made this a goal even though it felt like such a huge reach that was so far away. I knew with the Energy my dream that was once impossible, and then improbable could become inevitable.

Working towards my goal to record my debut album required my total engagement, commitment and using the Energy beyond what I once thought was possible.  Every single lecture in the Lecture Series offered relevant information and vibrations that I could utilize to “go for it” with more clarity, focus and success. I have taken actions that stretched my comfort zone, capacity and preconceptions.  I faced my fears and insecurities.  With the support of the Energy, Dr. Morguelan and my community, I have been able to embrace my goal as a thrilling challenge.

One of the most steps towards my goal was raising money for the project. A friend suggested that I launch an online Indiegogo campaign to raise money to produce the project. My use of the Energy gave me the courage to do this.

What amazed me was that in just over 8 weeks, we raised close to six thousand dollars toward funding the recording project! I was able to give away inspiring perks to the contributors; including my book (which I had written and published the past year), and the yet to be completed cd and original art liner notes.  I was amazed at how community enthusiasm grew around the project.  Intimate family, friends and strangers invested in a recording project of music they had never even heard!

Within the final days of the campaign, I had a second Personal Private Success call with Dr. Morguelan.  We focused on energizing my recording project. Together, Dr. Morguelan and I set some very clear goals, including doubling the campaign contributions. I hung up the phone and got busy taking action. The last day of the campaign (one week after the call), two huge wins happened. Within minutes of each other, two big contributions came in officially doubling campaign earnings! One came from a person I have never met who loved my project and the other from my parents.

Initially I had actually been afraid to share the idea with my parents in fear that they would find it ridiculous and crazy—that at age 42, after never even playing guitar or writing music, I was recording an album and inviting the public to invest in its creation.  I was nervous to share it with them, but the Energy practices from the Lecture Series gave me courage. I was able to step out of my fear to offer my true self as part of a bigger transformation.

I always perceived my father as my harshest critic my entire life, so I was amazed to receive a note from him along with my parents’ financial contribution. His note was so loving, supportive and affirming:

“I am so excited for you!  Go for it!  We are backing you up all the way!”

Wow! That blew me away. Suddenly a lifetime of misconception, of feeling judged, unseen and unsupported for my wild, creative, far out ideas was gone. The father who used to tell me to get my head out of the clouds and stop dreaming was affirming my dreams, championing and fueling their fruition.

Who knew that this project would create such deep transformation in my being and within my family?

I am now well on my way to producing my very first album and am honored to be at this phase of the project. I have applied myself and witnessed evolution. While I am thrilled to consider the final product of my album, and whatever follows, I am aware of and grateful for the success of the process.

I feel my return to my true self. I have become a willing vessel to the poetry of the Energy. The solid backing of Dr. Morguelan, and the ongoing education he has offered has helped me do the work of unraveling beliefs and clearing mental dead-ends that would keep me eclipsed from discovering and actualizing my greatest dreams. Dr. Morguelan encouraged me to use the Energy to go BIG and to keep expanding. His support is invaluable and priceless.  I feel so grateful to have that spark and potency awake inside of me now.

My relationship to the Energy is a primary, continuous collaborative companionship—and it too has only just begun. Now, I see that every day is a new adventure; a constant discovery of what is possible and who we really are.