Energy for Success - The Dragon Energy Program

Don’t simply improve your life. Redefine it.

After your first month, your program continues at $99/month automatically.

With These Easy Mental And Physical Exercises, You’ll Discover...

You'll Never Need Caffeine, Sugar, or Redbull To Feel Great Again

... let go of where you're starting now, because where you'll wind up is in a state of surprising well-being.

Amplify Your Awareness And Experience Increasing Sensory Perceptivity

... as your brain begins to integrate information effortlessly.

Sleep like a baby and permanently eliminate the morning groggy syndrome forever

... the quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your thinking

Multiply Your Brain Power By 10x And Unlock "The Other 90%"

... it's a myth that we are stuck only able to access a limited part of our brain. What's not a myth...too many of us daily end up wasting our mental abilities. The solution? With these special practices, you’ll regain your clearest thinking.  

Grow Yourself In Over 21 Extraordinary Ways By Orders Of Magnitude

... effortlessly enjoy your newfound Energy in new projects, new pursuits, and new passions - even new careers and new relationships! As you grow in multiple areas of your life you will discover with this Source Energy, exponential results. 

Wouldn't All Of Us Love To Express All Of Our Undeveloped Talents

... as you draw on this Source Energy you will replenish and reinvigorate your talents, so you can get back into living the kind of life you deserve. Skills you’ve overlooked for years will suddenly return.

Heal Your Body Even While Using Other Traditional Methods

... everybody knows it requires energy to heal. Many patients with little hope have had their recovery augmented with this Source Energy. Accelerate the changes you want in your life and get on the fastest route to well-being and enlightenment. Meditation and mindfulness are taken to an entirely new state. (Where great things happen).

The DRAGON PROGRAM Is The Only Proven Program Delivering Consistent, Rapid, And Sustainable Results Within As Little As 18 Minutes A Day. You’ll be advancing daily in your levels of accelerated results while progressing at YOUR own pace.

Up Until Recently These Techniques Were Only Available To Highly Selected Private Clients

Over 10,000 people have received these Energy techniques from Dr. B and have overcome stagnation in more areas of their lives than they ever thought were possible because they now have competence to help themselves. He now wants to bring to YOU thrilling outcomes to every facet of your life, just like he has done for many high-level professionals. 

Ben Greenfield


“When it comes to optimizing my health for peak performance, I take the Energy Exercises and everything Dr. B has to say very seriously. I am all in. I started noticing the amazing effects and benefits almost immediately after my first exercise. If you are looking to maximize your peak performance, I can’t recommend Dr. B and The Energy for Success enough.”

Dave Asprey

DAVE ASPREY He’s Someone I Rely On

“Dr. Barry’s work works in ways I can’t necessarily explain. But I’ll tell you, flat out, that he does something that is tangible and something that actually works, that can shift your ability to make energy inside your body in a way that’s profound. I don’t know any other human being like Dr. Barry. He’s got an amazing level of ability. He’s someone I rely on when I want to get to a new level.”

Dr. Barry Morguelan

Only Medically Trained And English-Speaking Master In This "Source Energy"

Nothing is alive without Energy. However, our ability to absorb natural sources of Energy has been long overlooked.

Over 5,000 years ago, the great Grand Masters of China in the lineage with Lao Tzu, began developing ways to tap into this natural Source Energy. Throughout the history of China it has been known that these closely guarded Source Energy practices would rapidly augment the benefits of acupuncture, meditation, tai chi, qi gong, and all areas of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. B has received the training personally in China from the Grand Master of this powerful Energy. It took a 20-year journey to become one of the only 11 people existing to master using this Source Energy. However, you can gain expertise at your own pace doing these practices in just 20 minutes a day.

Here’s What Some Well-Known Figures Are Saying About This Source Energy Program




 The Dragon Program isn’t so much a training, as it is a broad transformation that you personally direct.

The Dragon Program Includes: 


Dr. B traveled to the mountains of China to bring back an unwritten, previously secret set of powerful practices and then has distilled it into a series of modules. Phase 1, 4-hour training program gives you immediate access to the Source Energy. 

This is the fast track for you to now be at your best and in a flow state whenever you request it.  

After completing Phase 1, then you will be ready for the advanced program in Phase 2.  


Now that you have your sensors open, this is your ascension phase of the Dragon Training Program.

These expansive and detailed techniques in the use of this Energy allow you to apply them in all areas of your life. With using these modules, your rising Energy competence will effortless integrate into every area of your life. 

With these core modules, you will gain the ability to start harnessing the Source Energy for yourself. Using these resources will allow you to take your meditation and mindfulness practices and your performance throughout to the peak of the mountain. 

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After your first month, your program continues at $99/month automatically.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

My Promise To You

My Iron Clad 30 Day Money Back Promise To You...

I'm so passionate about getting you results I won't even consider your payment binding and complete until you've had total access to the Dragon Program and have used it fully for 30 days.

I am squarely focused on you gaining maximum outcomes and results in the most meaningful way in the most meaningful facets of your life...

  • Your health
  • Your business and career
  • Your relationships
  • Your awareness
  • Your critical thinking skills
  • Your vitality
  • Your creativity

Using these daily practices over 20 years, clients have reported melting away stress, eliminating obstacles, and new success in mindfulness and meditation.

It’s vital that you experience what you can do for yourself with this unique program.

You'll rapidly watch yourself expand in so many important areas the more you use these practices.