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Every part of my life has changed since I was introduced to the Energy. I am sharing my success story so that it can be a source of inspiration for you and how you can use the Energy in your life.

When I first learned about the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series I was traveling on an airplane. I overheard a woman talking about getting rid of anxiety through a Lecture Series with Dr. Morguelan. I was very interested in her conversation since I was finishing my third year of medical school and a complete anxious mess. I had tried medication to reduce my anxiety but nothing seemed to work.

As a medical school student I spent my entire life planning out my future. My parents had very strict guidelines for me about what I was supposed to do. I felt so much pressure all of the time and despite all the planning I felt lost. I had no confidence that I could actually make it through medical school since I was so stressed out. I considered quitting all the time!

I have to admit that after the conversation on the airplane, I did not sign up for the Lecture Series right away. I chose to attend a free Energy event to learn more. I heard other people share their successes and I felt a huge boost from being surrounded by such a positive and supportive group of people. So I signed up!

Now I have been participating in the MEI Lecture Series for almost two years and they have been the best two years of my life! I went from being an anxious medical school student to a doctor who is calm and capable. I have felt a massive boost in self-confidence. Intern year in residency is the most challenging year of all for medical students and many don’t make it through. I however had a great experience because I was using the Energy in my life. I actually enjoyed my intern year! The other medical students seemed to have lots and lot of complaints. They often shared them with me because I was having such a good time.

I grew to love the challenges that came up with school and now with my present work as a doctor. Challenges come up for me in medicine every day. Now I am able to successfully handle the challenges as they come up. I experience ease and gliding while I am working towards my goals using the Energy. My job experience has completely changed. With the Energy supporting me I am learning to be a better doctor, caretaker, listener and helper. Now I have a much broader view on different modalities that can help my patients from western and eastern medicine to simple lifestyle changes. Daily I have learned that I can help more people and provide more to the world around me.

I have received so much benefit from the Lecture Series. Dr. Morguelan gives simple two-minute Energy exercises during the Lecture that have really helped me deal with stressful days at work. I love and appreciate meeting with my Facilitator in the Series. She is supportive and inspires me everyday. I will continue to participate in the Lecture Series because I keep creating more and more new goals. I keep going for them all and having success with achieving them.

Now I want to share the most meaningful success I have had with the Energy.

Dr. Morguelan says that when you connect to the Energy, the environment around you changes. I definitely noticed that with many of my relationships with friends, coworkers and family. The one that hits closest to my heart is my relationship with my mother. For years before the Energy I had experienced a lot of deep rooted sadness and pain from a broken relationship with my mom. I tried everything to get over it or get stronger than it. I really never thought I would be free from the pain or find a solution. After having so much success with the Lecture Series, I decided to sign up for an Individual Energy Treatment with Dr.Morguelan. I made a list of goals to work on my relationship with my mother.

Then after my Treatment I met the man of my dreams and we got engaged! Brides are supposed to be happy, but I was immediately terrified about how my mother would react. Before the Energy, my parents never accepted anyone I ever dated. They even threatened to disown me when I was dating someone they didn’t choose for me. They certainly would never support me marrying someone like my new fiancee who is of a different race and religion than our family.

To my amazement, my mom accepted my fiancee! Both of my parents accepted him. We actually had a great time together when I told them the news of our engagement. We ate out, joked, laughed and everyone felt at ease. I still have a hard time believing this is really happening. I ask myself, “Is this my family?” Yes!!! We are all happy and love each other. Now I am so excited to plan my wedding.

I feel like I have a future I can look forward to that will be a fun adventure! This is something I wanted for the longest time and never knew I would achieve it.

My life is now filled with gratitude. I love life and am excited every day. I cherish my adorable cats, sweet friends, wonderful coworkers, loving parents and my absolutely amazing soon to be husband. My friendships are deeper. Life is more meaningful. I feel peace in my heart—and it is honestly the best feeling I have had in my whole life. Dr. Morguelan says he is working to create world peace one person at a time. That is the greatest gift of all!