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Energy for Success Testimonial: Maren

Maren Testimonial

In May 2016 I received my first treatment from Dr. B. About 10 weeks later, I had a second treatment, this time focusing on weight loss. Immediately following the second treatment, I lost 10 pounds in one week. I was ecstatic as the weight came off effortlessly. Then my husband returned from the Caribbean and brought home the flu. I was sick for three weeks. despite no appetite, all but 2 or 3 pounds returned. When I was better, I stuck to a 900 calorie/day diet for 10 days before weighing myself again. The scale nearly died that day. I’d gained 1 pound.

I am far from being a girl any longer. It’s not easy to retool my ship of state. What is the difference between this weight loss effort and every other?

No matter what the darn scale says, I continue.

This is exactly where I see this Energy at work. I have been angry, despondent, disappointed, and disgusted during this process, but never did I think I would throw up my hands in utter defeat.

What had worked when I was younger was no longer useful. What this really meant for me is that there was a great deal nutritionally that I didn’t know and needed to learn.

There is a lot of (conflicting) information available. Sorting through it was no small task—one that involved 10,000 steps and, then, 10,000 more. When I finally discovered the constellation of nutritional factors that worked best for me, three months had passed since that second treatment. Since that time, I had, at most, a 5-pound weight loss that varied somewhat from day to day.

Any other time, I would have been thoroughly discouraged and would have quite likely let the goal go. That would have been a mistake as over the next two months I stuck pretty closely to what I had learned and lost 20 additional pounds.

Twenty-five pounds is a worthy start. There is still a long way to go, but I don’t stress over it any longer. I know what I need to do and know, as I have at some level since that second treatment in June, that I will continue on this path to completion.

Long ago, I promised myself that ‘someday’ I would focus on developing the best body I was capable of achieving. I have procrastinated a long, long time to meet this goal. Without the ‘backbone’ that this Energy through Dr. B brings to the undertaking, I doubt this lifetime would have proved sufficient to the task.

[I lost 25 pounds despite the huge amount of physical, mental and emotional resistance I faced. Even in the face of previous failures, I was able to use the Energy techniques to keep learning and going until I was able to achieve success and continue to achieve success to this day in losing weight and keeping it off.]