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Clara Testimonial

I was introduced to this Energy two months ago at lunch with a colleague that I had done business with but never met in person. She told me about this Energy and Energy goals and I was drawn to learn more.

That evening, I went to the Energy for Success website and read everything and watched the videos on the Testimonials page. I was drawn to how real everyone was. Real people with hurdles in life, using this Energy to react positively in finding the solutions and receiving amazing results in all areas of their lives. I spoke with Judy (Energy Immersion Course Facilitator) and registered for the Immersion Course right away. I also signed up for an Individual Treatment.

I’ve had many wins since joining two months ago. One win is that I have more energy than I’ve had in many, many years. Before this Energy, I would have no chi left by 4pm. I would not even be able to have a phone conversation as I was so exhausted from my day. If someone requested a meeting, I would always try to schedule it earlier in the day as I knew I’d be too tired by 4pm.

Since joining this Energy, I have so much more chi. For example, this past Friday, I had meetings and calls starting at 8am, drove an hour from Santa Monica to Pasadena to meet new friends at 4:30 pm, entertained a client for dinner at 8pm and visited with a friend and her daughters at 10pm. I felt on purpose and energized all day long!

Another big and fast change for me is that I no longer get angry when challenges occur. Most of my life, I would get angry (inside) when I couldn’t find solutions for unexpected challenges in life. I felt stuck, paralyzed and remorseful of my getting angry. It was a learned behavior from my childhood but something I still dealt with as an adult. Since joining the Energy, I realized one day that the feeling of irritation and anger were kind of unfamiliar… I am able to observe any situation calmly, knowing that with this Energy, the best outcomes will show up for me in the right time.

I’m so grateful to Dr. Morguelan and the Energy community!