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Energy for Success Testimonial: Alexandra


I started in this Energy December 24, 2016. When I began, my voice was barely audible as I had continuously and intermittently lost my voice over the previous couple of years. I thought it was laryngitis and couldn’t understand why I kept losing my voice. It turned out it was a paralyzed, left vocal cord due to an injury from December 2013 and it was getting worse over time. I went to a specialist and was told by two ENTs, I needed immediate, emergency surgery and life long monitoring because I could aspirate at any moment.

After the appointment and frightening news, I immediately called my facilitator, Judy Morris, for support and Dr. Barry for another medical opinion. In this Energy, as scared as I felt, I made the decision to allow this Energy and Dr. Barry’s program to heal me.  Surgeries and life long injections in my throat were not an option and I felt strongly, there had to be a better way in this Energy.

Ten months later, people were commenting on how much stronger my voice sounded. I went for a follow up to the same ENTs, and to their surprise, my damaged, vocal cord was functioning at 98 percent and sealing the back of my throat. The doctors looked shocked as they had told me it would be impossible after three years of problems with my voice to have it recover on its own. I smiled knowing this Energy, along with my intention and Dr. Barry’s protocol in this Energy, had created healing.

I’m profoundly grateful to Dr. Barry for putting together this program that in addition, attracts beautiful souls. Dr. Barry’s program has saved my life numerous times this past year and I have experienced many jaw dropping, wonderful moments in this Energy, this is just one example. I am in awe of what continues to unfold in this Energy!