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Effectiveness in Life, in a Group or Alone

Effectiveness in Life, in a Group, or Alone

Is it better to be a loner, or is it better to feel as though you thrive in a group setting?

When it comes to social life, work life, family life, and so on, there is always the question of whether groups are beneficial.

Group Empowerment

The sense of community drives the ability to connect to other people. Being in a group can charge up a person, and create a wonderful energy that arises when people experience a group dynamic.

If you are in a group and wish to thrive in the setting, you really want to encourage people to make their own contributions and participate. Without this, it is hard for all members of the group to have a positive experience. Groups are allowed to bring in elements of each individual member of the team.


If a group works well together, that is all that is needed to create a great experience. There is a chance for all members of the group to complete activities together, whether it is a work experience or a family picnic. In these moments, we gain greater experience than we do when we are alone.

When in a group, allowing yourself to be withdrawn can lead to unpleasant results. The dynamic of the group can become more negative than positive, and the end result of the goal or activity of the group is likely not to be as pleasing to you.

Group Leaders

For some, being in a group situation can be useful. When a person is willing to take a stand, have an opinion, and make a contribution, a group can be helpful.

Many times, the greatest experiences of being in a group come from the feeling of being in charge. Groups usually involve assigned roles, and there is no doubt that one person tends to become the leader, and hence enforce the rules.


If you are not the leader of a group, allow yourself to have an opinion, rather than feeling the need to be guided by others. Your experience and your thoughts are extremely valuable, and can create a beautiful connection amongst the rest of your group. While it is okay to be a person that enjoys time alone, it is best to work in a group in a way that leads to an experience of growth for you.

To Be Alone

Desiring to be alone and have personal space, it is often because you feel as though you are more likely to benefit in the end on your own. There are many instances in your life where you were in a group and you did not win—in fact, it was a painful experience that you had to tolerate until it was over and you could escape.


The pressure to be alone is significant. It will create many surprising ups and downs that will distract you from being able to partake in a group situation—even when that group is simply another individual asking you how you are doing or what you have been up to. You feel withdrawn and communicate poorly, and thus end up feeling as though other people dislike you.

A part of you will always pull you under the sea of lonely desire—feeling as though you will be more successful as a loner. When a person takes that route, it is only for moments that they are able to experience relief, and that is because they are removing themselves. After that, they are conscious that they are missing something nearly every day of their lives. However, you convince yourself that you are in the way or do not belong. You allow yourself to feel isolated.

Choosing to be Important

Rather than allowing yourself to fall into your withdrawn nature and personal desire to succeed on your own, try allowing yourself to have the energy and confidence to be a part of a group. When you are alone, with no outer energies of a group experience, you are most likely to feel loneliness—you are most likely to not feel the experience of being recharged.

There is this portion of individuals that believe they should be capable of injecting themselves with energy, rather than relying on a group for it. However, that is like saying your entire backyard should be filled with fruit trees automatically by just your requesting it. But the truth is, as you well know, unless you were going to do everything, then someone else (that is, you are now in a group) would have to plant the trees there and cultivate them, and then pick and deliver the fruit to you. All of this effort by the group IS necessary; otherwise your backyard is barren!

Plug In and Recharge

Being in a group should renew and recharge you. If you try to simply say you will do something on your own, you are going to have an isolated experience occurring mostly in your mind.

The wonderful thing about using groups as much as you can for everything is that you begin to experience a rapid unheard of height of success the more that you are in communication and working together. Thus your joy of working and level of success and resolution of any loneliness reaches heights you never imagined possible.

Using this Energy you can immediately begin experiencing the benefit of groups by reaching out to your family, your friends, and co-workers!

Repeatedly over the years, clients proudly report that they have unheard of successes, both financially and interpersonally, when they have a group of other people all in this Energy going for agreed upon goals. You can start to experience a huge expansion in your life and in your work, by simply loving being surrounded by people who recharge you, challenge you, and help you grow.