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You’re Closer To Success Than You Think

Have you ever driven someplace where you’ve never been to before, and it turns out your destination is a whole lot closer than you thought?

You figured it would take half an hour to get there, but you arrive in ten minutes.

Well, that’s often the way it is in life.

As Thomas Edison once said…

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Right now, at this moment, you are closer to getting what you want than you believe.

How do I know this?

Let me ask you a few questions and you’ll see.

What if you actually don’t have much to fix in your life?

What if you’re exaggerating what you think are problems and shortcomings?

This Is The Matrix At Work

The Matrix is what I call the collection of dark and limiting thoughts. It’s what causes you to believe, “This is not for me,” or “Somebody else might be able to enjoy success, but not me.”

It invades your thinking, distorts truth, and tries to convince you that you can’t do something… when the fact is you can.

That’s what The Matrix does.

The good news… a simple shift in your thinking, just a small adjustment in your perception, can make a massive difference.

These shifts and adjustments happen without any hard work from you. Their powers expand when you connect to The Source Energy.

Inside you right now is a massive, wonderful, and expanding opportunity to go anywhere in life.

What if you are already moving in the right direction?

What if at this moment you are advancing toward the state where you can enjoy success… regardless of what people have told you, and regardless of what you’re thinking?

This can easily be happening, and it’s wonderful.

How The Source Energy Gives You A Fresh Outlook On Life

This fresh, new outlook means that when you connect to The Source Energy, your progress will accelerate. Allow it to touch one piece of your life, and simultaneously, it will touch and nourish others.

You’ll move beyond a good outlook and positive thinking to something even deeper and more powerful.

Perhaps you’re thinking that…

  • You know that you can get that job.
  • You know you can do well on that team if the coach will just put you in.
  • You know that you can make it all the way if you just get your chance.

So, how do you get your chance?

How do you make these things actually happen?

Make the decision to move forward.

Become aware of the vibrations and The Source Energy which you’ll use to create this productive state, “The Zone” as so many people call it.

If you’d like to find out more about being connected to The Source Energy, take a look at The Dragon Eternal Success High Performance Program.

Discover everything it can help you achieve.

Yes, you are closer to achieving what you want than perhaps you believe.

You’ll feel this, and you’ll know this, once you’re connected to The Source Energy.

What Are You Trying To Measure?

Connecting to The Source Energy gives you the ability to see what you haven’t seen before.

You’ll hear with new clarity, and you’ll interpret your hunches and inner feelings with a new degree of confidence.

You’ll stop making foolish mistakes and you’ll no longer be lured into dangerous emotional traps.

For example…

It’s foolish to believe, “I’ll be happy eight days from now.”

That’s Matrix thinking… limiting, self-destructive, and as poisonous to your mind as mercury is to your body.

Capture The Enormous Power Of The Present Moment

It’s smarter, better, and much more helpful to commit to making something happen today.

Maybe it’s weeding the garden. Maybe it’s getting on the phone and finally reaching out to a friend you’ve been meaning to call.

Measuring happiness is a strange concept. It’s not as if you’re measuring something specific such as your blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

And just like trying to measure happiness isn’t a very good idea, neither is letting your desire to feel happy get in the way of doing the things that will make you feel happy.

There’s a difference.

You can capture the present moment and achieve results more quickly than you might believe possible.

That’s what my student, Emily B. did.

Emily is a strategic wealth coach based in San Francisco, and she connected to The Source Energy to help her achieve a specific goal.

“I had a goal to increase my business income wherever I travel. Within 3 months of writing that goal and doing breathing practices twice a day for at least 10 minutes a day, my trip to Austin turned out better than I could have imagined. I was hired to do three presentations and got two new clients who paid me over $55,000.”

Specific results like Emily’s come from appreciating the power of the present moment, setting goals, and connecting to The Source Energy.

Emily was clearly much closer to success than she thought.

The Source Energy lets you open up all the sensors on your body that make this possible.

You wake up in the morning with a multi-potential machine, you have all kinds of potential, and there’s so much you can achieve.

This can actually get better each day, and all you need to do is write down your goals and decide which ones to do.

Your faintest glimmer of interest in changing your life and your natural curiosity are all you need to start to connect with The Source Energy.

Do This And You’ll Be Able To Feel How Close You Are To Success

You’ll see exactly what you need to do.

It really is that simple. The Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine have known this for five thousand years.

And it can be simple for you.

An easy way to start is with The Dragon High Performance Program.

Check it out.

The way this works is so simple that some people just can’t accept it.

My students watch videos, listen to audios, and enjoy breathing and visualization practices.

That’s it.

These are all carefully embedded with the vibrations that help your sensors open up, the millions of sensors in and on your body.

Ask any credible scientist. You’ll hear about internal sensors like the hypothalamus which controls body temperature.

You’ll find out about transducers and the body’s complex neural network.

Your skin, your nose, your eyes, your tongue, your ears…

Each is home to a massive, interconnected collection of sensors, networks within networks.

Nourish these sensors, open them up, give them a way to connect to The Source Energy, and everything in your life changes.

Your health, your stamina, your thinking, your achievements, everything.

It’s as if your life comes out of the darkness.

My students listen and watch and their bodies connect with The Source Energy.

There’s no hard work, and all it takes to get started is an open mind.

You really are closer than you think.