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My husband Jim has always been a healthy person. In 55 years of his life, he had never been sick with anything other than a 24 hour virus. Then, in 2011 he came down with a very serious illness. It started with severe sweats and chills, and the inability to retain any food.

We took him to the doctors and they diagnosed him with mononucleosis. Three weeks passed and Jim continued to lose more and more weight. To our great confusion, the doctors insisted it was only mono and told him to rest and hydrate.

He did not get better and I watched him become more and more listless, incapable of focusing and losing almost a pound daily.

We reached for the Energy by scheduling Personal Success Calls with Dr. B. He gave us the Energy so we could push the doctors for more tests and answers since Jim was not getting better. The doctors at a top Ivy League hospital stuck by their diagnosis of mononucleosis and would not perform additional tests, except to rerun his blood tests.

I felt so alone and frustrated, but I reached, and reached and reached for the Energy.

And the Energy supported us to find answers
One day, I suddenly remembered the name of a Chinese doctor. He prescribed Chinese teas that relieved some but not all of his symptoms.

I also called a friend in Sedona who found us a local Boston jin shin jitzsu healer who helped strengthen Jim’s immune system, relaxing him so that he was able to sleep for more than two hours at a time. She also introduced us to a high alkaline Kangen water system to help hydrate Jim’s system, which was so useful, that we use it to this day in both of our homes.

Dr.B’s Breathing Exercises were one of the only ways that Jim could find restful sleep. We communicated with Dr. B more regularly and he continued giving us the Energy to persist forward and push the doctors for additional answers.

We switched doctors, thinking that a new doctor would look at additional testing to figure out what was wrong with Jim, why he was weakening and not getting better. The new doctors from another prestigious university hospital told us not to worry and that somehow Jim would be better in a few months.

Jim and I continued reaching out to Dr. B. We felt that he was working with the Energy to try and penetrate our months and months long process of deterioration and not getting well. This was not just a situation where Jim felt poorly and could tough it out like he had done in the past. When I look back, I realize that we could not see the clock ticking. Dr. B gave us the Energy to be in reality about the situation and its severity. He gave us the Energy to continue on and find the real solution so we could beat this illness.

All the while Jim’s expert doctors were telling him not to worry even though he was weak, sick and failing.

We decided to get Jim an Individual Energy Session with Dr. B in hopes that the boost of Energy would support us to find the right doctor and solution for Jim to get better. Amazingly, three days before Jim’s Energy Session with Dr. B, his current doctor finally agreed to a different approach and ran additional tests including a CAT scan and an ultrasound. Only then did the doctors identify a massive three liter abscess in his liver. But Jim and I were notified of this days later after we had already left Boston. Surprisingly we received this news after we had been told just the evening before that the CAT scan revealed a cyst that we were told would dissolve on its own. So now with a complete change of diagnosis in a very short time of getting our Energy Treatment planned, we were told that it was a life-threatening abscess on his liver!! And at any time this abscess could burst causing Jim to have catastrophic consequences.

Dr. B helped us reach the conclusion that we needed to return home to Boston right away and that we needed to be medivac’d, with medical support on board. At the airport, medical personnel began asking me many questions and I realized the severity of the situation. In that moment I remembered an Energy conversation I had with Dr. B and I felt stillness within that completely enveloped me. After this memory, I was able to maneuver situation after situation with complete and total composure.

I saw Jim strapped into a gurney with IVs and realized the high likelihood that he could go septic at any time. But we were totally supported by the Energy throughout the entire six hour flight. There was no turbulence and we arrived just hours before a nor’easter dumped over a foot of snow on Boston and closed the airport. If we had been four hours later, we would have had to land in an airport in Maine and Jim very well could have died in the ambulance ride to Boston. There were so many miraculous wins.

Upon landing, the hospital got distracted wanting to take out Jim’s gall bladder. He was encouraged to sign a form to allow this. I wrote goals that Jim would be taken care of and reached for the Energy by doing my Stay Connected to the Energy exercises. Shortly thereafter, the doctors decided to concentrate instead on the massive life-threatening abscess in his liver, and would check later on whether there was a need to remove his gall bladder. To this day, Jim still has his gall bladder.

Jim did go septic, which meant that his entire body shut down. Two out of three cases of sepsis result in the patient dying. The doctor came out of surgery and told me and my father-in-law that he did not know how Jim had made it, but that while everything else had quit, his heart just kept on fighting. Dr. B was in complete communication with me at all times and he encouraged me to do my Breathing Exercises and Energy Practices to reach for the Energy. Dr. B gave us the Energy to make the right decisions after all of the mistakes that had been made.

After surviving surgery, Jim’s body was struggling to fight all the toxicity in his body and he was put on a ventilator. After less than 36 hours he was able to come off the ventilator. Our team of doctors remarked how they could not believe Jim had over 3 liters of toxins in his liver when he went septic and that he was off of his ventilator so quickly. It was truly amazing.

Jim was still incredibly ill, but with support from our family, friends and the MEI Energy community he was out of intensive and critical care in two weeks. We continued to use the Energy exercises and tools to find the guidance and people necessary to bring Jim’s health back. We used nutritionists, physical therapists and many others to get him well. Dr. B worked with us to ensure that Jim continued on the healing path.

Our doctors said it would take two years for Jim to recover. Thankfully they were wrong. I am marveling at Jim’s complete recovery after only one year!!!!

I am forever grateful for Dr. B’s support and the focus of the Energy. The Energy supported me and Jim in a million different ways during this long and dangerous trevail of life threatening illness, consequent surgery and sepsis and emergency intubation. And now the Energy is becoming even more helpful as Jim returns back to a thriving life.

I am forever grateful for Jim’s early stability last December so that I could spend time with my brother the last five days of his life that ended December 16th, 2011. He lived 8 months after his diagnosis which was four months longer than doctors advised. Jim was well enough to fly to Arizona and give my brother’s eulogy.

I am grateful for the continued growth of the Boston DVD Lecture Series Energy community.

I know that with access to the Energy I am and will continue to be safe and completely supported in this amazing time in my life.