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On a day not too long ago, I spent a few minutes talking with a boy who was the son of one of my patients. He was in first grade and he asked if he could talk with me because there was something on his mind. “Okay, what is it?” I asked. We talked about […]

Published on:

January 06 2019


Some people hide behind texts, others hide behind email. For whatever reason, a face-to-face conversation petrifies them. Even Skype or FaceTime is scary. But here’s the thing. You can’t stay in your comfortable room and think, “I’m just not going to talk to anybody, I’m not going to do anything. I’m just going to operate […]

Published on:

December 30 2018


You’re made to win. The only barriers to winning are the ones you allow to invade your mind. If you decide you’re going to win, you will… it’s that simple. The question is, what about your approach? What kind of an approach are you using to win? Are you walking out onto a basketball court […]

Published on:

December 23 2018


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?” Have you ever said something to yourself such as… “This isn’t fair.” “I’ve tried this, and I’ve really, really done everything I could.” “This person is stopping me, and they shouldn’t be there.” “This is bad, bad, bad, and I just am so […]

Published on:

December 16 2018


When I traveled into The Sacred Mountains of China to learn from The Masters Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I quickly made an unexpected discovery. These grumpy old men were not anxious to share their wisdom. They didn’t exactly welcome me with open arms. They had little or no interest in me. They were not impressed […]

Published on:

November 18 2018


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