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Have you ever wondered where anger comes from?  Not many of us have.  After all, when we’re calm, anger is something we rarely if ever think about.    And when we’re angry… well, that’s hardly the time for critical thinking, the kind of clear, insightful thinking that comes when you’re in The Energy.  The theme of Crash, the 2006 Winner of […]

Published on:

December 13 2017

The Lion Doesn’t Care About Your Schedule: Exercise and the Energy

The lion seeks out the weakest prey. The healthiest and the strongest are ignored. The lion is the perfect symbol for the way of the world, and the principle of survival of the fittest. A lion can represent anything that attacks you… including disease. Your success, the quality of your life, is largely determined by […]

Published on:

November 27 2017

Love Life Now

He was just 23 years old when he wrote the seven words that ignited the imagination of the world.   “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is the phrase most of us remember best from The Declaration of Independence.  Thomas Jefferson understood much more than the mechanics of government.  He understood the human spirit, and The Source Energy that fuels it.  He lived life to its fullest, […]

Published on:

November 27 2017

The Ultimate Source Of Health And Vitality

Why is it that some people always seem so full of life, smiling, laughing, and overflowing with natural energy? What is it about these people? Most of the time, it’s The Source Energy.  When you absorb the natural sources of Energy that literally exist everywhere, the result is better health and greater vitality. 

Published on:

November 14 2017

The 8 Parts Of Your Life You Can Change Forever With 5,000 Year Old Chinese Energy

Source Energy practices are little known, closely guarded practices that fully augment and go well beyond acupuncture, meditation, tai chi, qi gong, or anything else we tend to associate with Chinese Medicine. There are eight areas of your life that will undergo profound change when you’re in the Source Energy. 

Published on:

October 30 2017


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