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How To Use The Energy To Identify Opportunity

Imagine how it would be to always make the right decision. It might involve business, a personal relationship, or anything else. It could be a big decision, such as buying a house, or it might be something as simple as picking the fastest checkout line at the supermarket. No matter what the situation might be, […]

Published on:

February 20 2018

Be in the Energy and Be in Love

Listen to a neurologist try to explain what happens when you fall in love, and you’ll hear about neurotransmitter hormones. Listen to Frank Sinatra (or Diana Krall) sing “Let’s Fall In Love,” and you’ll hear… “Why go on stalling, I am falling, Our love is calling…” Singers and scientists know a few things about love. […]

Published on:

February 13 2018

Prepare for the Joy of Success

You can consider almost anything in your life as a success. Naturally, no matter how positive a spin we put on them, some events are truly tragic. But what many people consider setbacks or annoyances can very accurately be seen as a success. Without any candy coating, you can objectively consider setbacks as valuable lessons […]

Published on:

February 06 2018

Unlock The Complete Power Of Your Expectations

What are expectations? What steps can you take to turn them into something you can use? Start by realizing that expectations are highly useful. Once you combine them with The Energy, you’re in a position to shape your days, and your entire future. Expectations are starting points. They are the raw materials of achievement. They […]

Published on:

January 30 2018

Send Envy and Jealousy a Thank You Note

Of all the forces in our life, why would we possibly want to give our thanks to envy and jealousy? Aren’t these damaging and destructive? Aren’t they the poisons spawned by The Matrix? Absolutely… each one can cruelly pull people out of focus. They distract people from their goals and send good intentions into tailspins. […]

Published on:

January 23 2018


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