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This Energy

Some Answers for those that are New to this Energy

As people begin their journeys in the Energy for Success program, many of them raise the same questions. So, I thought I should share my answers to these questions with you today. Read More...


Energy for Success Testimonial: Maren

In May 2016 I received my first treatment from Dr. B. About 10 weeks later, I had a second treatment, this time focusing on weight loss. Immediately following the second treatment, I lost 10 pounds in one week. Then I was sick for three weeks. despite no appetite, all but 2 or 3 pounds returned.

Dr. Barry Morguelan

Introduction to Dr. Morguelan and MEI Part 4: Using and Growing with The Energy

The beginning of my story of This Energy began 25 years ago, when a tickling thought crept in while walking the halls of a hospital I worked in Los Angeles. In Part 1, I told the story of how this thought changed my life and started me on a journey that began in the Southwestern United States and into Central and South America. Read More...


Life Without Limits [Video]

I was live on Facebook again! This time I was with a group of people from Santa Monica. I shared my journey to this Energy with them, beginning in a hospital wing in Southern California, and ending in the mountains of China. But, why did I even start this journey to begin with? Read More...