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Energy for Success Testimonial: Lucile

When Lucile arrived at the doctor for her annual check-up, she was asked a fairly odd question by her doctor. “Are you still seeing that doctor?” he asked.

Of course, he was referring to Dr. B.

Lucile told him she was and he could not believe the results of her check-up.

Watch below to find out how Lucile medically benefited from the Energy.

Energy for Success Testimonial: Marce

Energy for Success Testimonial: Marce

Marce was being treated individually by Dr. B. She was in search of a special guy in her life. Dr. B sat down with her and instructed her to make two lists, one for traits she wanted in her special guy and one for traits she didn’t want him to have. She was then directed to do her Source Energy exercises every day.

Six weeks later, Marce received a phone call that changed her entire life and allowed her to build a family. Watch below to find out what happened.


I vividly remember myself when I first enrolled in the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series in 2010. I was an anxious and overly cautious graduate student, writing goals to obtain the perfect school psychologist internship upon graduation from my program. I felt overwhelmed because I was a graduate assistant with a full course load and a job in the public school system. I was juggling a lot of responsibility and wanted the perfect job once I graduated.

Thankfully, I was enrolled in the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series and connecting to the Energy daily by doing my Stay Connected to the Energy exercises. To my surprise, for the first time in my life, I was able to take action day after day after day on my goals unceasingly without fatiguing and without stressing out! I could focus and complete my applications for the internship calmly!

The Energy even supported me to narrow down my search for an internship to the two school districts where I most wanted a position. I met with anyone who could help me get the position I wanted within these school districts. The problem with my search for the ideal job was that in Austin, where I live, there is intense competition for too few positions as a school psychologist for the elementary and middle school age groups.

To my amazement, just 3 months after applying, I was offered not one, but BOTH of the internships that I most wanted! Many of my classmates weren’t offered positions at all, but I had the wonderful Energy experience of being able to choose from two winning opportunities which one was the best for me.

For the next year, I worked hard in my internship and it was extremely enjoyable. For my consistent work during this internship, I was awarded an ongoing position and a salary raise! I was doing what I loved and facilitating positive change in my school for the teachers and students. It was better than I imagined.

Over time, the long commute eventually wore on me and I wanted to work closer to home. I reached for the Energy by writing goals and taking action to research all the possible opportunities in my field. I worked on this for an entire year and using the Energy I could tell I was moving in the right direction even though I still had no actual results. The Energy supported me to be patient and calm as I worked to find a solution.

I decided to have an Individual Energy Treatment in January of 2012 to give me the boost I wanted to find another job closer to home. After my Treatment I realized that I needed to reach out to more experienced people in my field to see if I could come up with more possibilities. I recognized that I needed to call my professors, colleagues and special education offices in other Austin area school districts. I was terrified to do this though!

I recognized this as a Matrix trick and reached for the Energy by doing my Stay Connected exercises every day. I kept going forward towards my goal. I called and connected with more and more people, which is what I knew I needed to do. Amazingly, I felt surges of Energy and new ideas for the perfect opportunity.

Finally, after completing at least 5 applications, I got an interview in the district I currently live in. I was really excited about this! Surprisingly, after the interview I realized this wasn’t the opportunity I was looking for. It wasn’t the right fit for me. Thankfully the Energy fueled me to keep going and I knew I was getting closer every day!

I continued applying and interviewing at other school districts, but each one seemed to be the wrong fit. I even started to feel confused about why these districts didn’t want to hire me. I wondered if I would ever find the right job for me.

Then, during the last week of work at my current job, I realized that I had come to appreciate my current position. It wasn’t perfect, but I could see all the Energy-rich qualities it had and why the Energy had brought me here in the first place.

The very next week I got a phone call to interview with another district I had applied to. I felt a little worn down by the Matrix, but I still approached the interview by drawing on the Energy and writing goals to be myself. I connected with all the people in the room during my interview and felt comfortable there. Amazingly, within 2 hours after my initial interview, they offered me a position. Within 1 week I was getting all of my questions answered about the new position. I scheduled several Private Personal Success calls with Dr. B to support me in making the right decision for my future.

After just a few days of learning about the new job I realized that I had finally found what I wanted!! My new school district is within 30 minutes from my home, which I had specifically outlined in my goals. It is a larger, more progressive and experienced district. I recognized that this new job would provide me with many opportunities to grow and expand. The new job is going to provide me with a wonderful raise in my income! Win!

Now, just when I had achieved everything I wanted, there were still challenges to resolve. I had to find a way to let go of my current job within the contract deadline. It was extremely challenging (like pulling teeth) to determine the process I needed to go through in order to surrender my current position. I also had the added pressure that my future employer was about to leave for a two week summer break. What I couldn’t imagine was that I only had two weeks to get out of my current contract! I continued using the Energy to connect with all the right people who supported me in navigating through the difficult process. On the very last day before my future employer’s two week break, the head of human resources personally called me to solidify my approval process. Just in time! I was then able to resign from my current job in good standing, receiving their appreciation and understanding.

Only with the Energy was it possible for me to cut through all the obstacles and the anxiety to create such a win-win result. I am so grateful for God, the Energy and Dr. B as they fuel, guide and support me to get the jobs I want and to positively impact the lives of the students and teachers around me. I am proud to share an acknowledgement from one of my educators about me and my future:

“I wish you the very best. I know that you’ll succeed with whatever you try and will be a help to the organization you’re joining, but especially to the youth you serve.”



5 years ago what I did every day of the week was go to a coffee shop and work behind the counter serving coffee to customers. I had absolutely no idea, nor did any of my friends, on how I was going to move out of this job as a coffee server into any other jobs that would be more fun and financially successful. Yes I had a dream since I was a kid (but it was only a dream) to be a writer. The only problem was that I had absolutely no professional writing experience. I did not have the background or the credentials to even interview for a job in writing.

Faced with this predicament, I went to see Dr. Morguelan for an Individual Energy Treatment in LA. During the session he said we should use the Energy right away to find a more career-oriented job that would pay me more money. At first I wasn’t at all interested in what he was saying even though I could feel with the Energy that I was somehow dramatically changed inside. You see, I had it since forever that I would work in a coffee shop until I dropped or somehow made it in the writing business.

Over the next couple of weeks after my Energy Treatment, I became excited about the idea that maybe a more serious job would be a good idea. So with the Energy, I decided to go for it.

One of the first actions I took was to call a friend of mine who worked in the entertainment industry. She said, “It’s funny you should call, we are actually hiring right now.” So I applied for a job. A few days later I got a call – they had hired me with my present background and wanted me to start right away.

The following week I went into my first day at work and only then found out what my duties would be. Once again I was given the job of getting coffee for people! Also, I had the duties of delivering packages, cleaning the office and other odd jobs. But before I got very dismayed at this return to barista, I discovered something the first day that I was there that I didn’t know at all when I applied for this company. To my surprise, they employed writers to write the movie trailers they produced.

Within a month or so of starting my new job (which wasn’t that different than my previous jobs)…for no known reason—out of the blue…I was asked to be the chauffeur for the head of the movie trailer department to drive him somewhere. In the car while I was driving him, he started talking. Again, out of the blue, he asked me a personal question…which was, “what are you interested in doing with your life?” I responded quickly saying, “writing.” Then (this really happened!) he asked me, the driver of his car with very little credentials, if I would be interested in writing movie trailers at my company. I exclaimed, “I sure would! When can I start?” “Tomorrow,” he told me.

The head man’s response was better than I could have hoped for. Now I had another big problem. I admitted to myself that I had never even written one movie trailer script before. I had never written for the movies in any capacity before whatsoever. Instead of being stopped by this, I met with Dr.B and decided to not be stopped by this challenge. Thereafter, every day, I reached for the Energy by doing my Energy exercises and writing goals about how I wanted things to go.

I was not afraid when the next day I was ordered to write a movie trailer script and given a deadline. I called on the Energy and decided to watch a movie after work and write at night because I still had to complete all of the required duties of my first job. The next day I turned in my scripts with all the other writers and waited nervously for the producer to decide which ones he was going to put in the packet to send to the client.

I became ecstatic when I found out that 3 of my scripts were chosen to be in the company’s offering to the client! I was shocked the next day…the client, Sony Pictures, chose one of my scripts to be turned into a TV commercial for their new movie!

Then for the first time, I heard the words that I had written actually being read by a professional voice-over actor. This was a very important moment for me because after all these experiences I now had real evidence that I had a talent for writing. Dr.B had told me long ago that the talent was inside me, but I never had been certain about that or how I would bring it out until I took his advice to start using the Energy to go after what I wanted. I credit the Energy with being the catalyst to allow my deep internal talent to finally shine.

I continued writing and shortly after that first experience I found out that another script I wrote for a TV show on A&E had been pitched by our company and chosen by A&E to become a commercial for the show. The producer on the project was excited and sent an email to the heads of the company informing them that I had written the script. He later told me that it was an accomplishment that many writers in the industry had never achieved…and I was still responsible for all my other duties including…yes as always….getting coffee for people. To my amazement, with the Energy I continued having huge successes with my writing for the movies. I wrote a script that was chosen to be in the trailer for Transporter 3, starring Jason Statham. In a high level meeting with the head of the movie trailer department, he announced to me that I “was the most promising young writer he had ever seen at the company”.

6 months after that, my company officially hired me as a writer. I was finally relieved of my previous profession of getting coffee for people. Now, for the first time in my life I was getting paid to write for the movies – all day, every day. What was only a dream when I used to pour coffee as a barista, 18 months earlier, had now come true and become my exciting everyday occupation. But I didn’t stop there! I decided to use the Energy to write more goals – even bigger goals—and bigger goals.

I saw on the calendar that the movie industry has a yearly award show to honor the best writers. After hearing this, I immediately wrote a goal to win one of those movie awards. I am happy to report that a year later, after much hard work, doing the Energy exercises and goal writing, I didn’t win an award – I won four awards!!!

So I had now been in the movie business for a relatively short time, but in one of my breathing exercises I decided that I was really interested in also becoming a movie producer. So once again I wrote goals and took a lot of action with the Energy to learn what I needed to succeed as a movie producer. After over a year of enjoyable work as a writer and learning about producing, I presented a proposal to the president and the heads of two departments asking to now be trained to become a producer. All three of them unanimously agreed that this was a good route for me to take. So, as of now they have started me in training to eventually become my present dream which is a writer/producer of movies.

Since I first started with my company I have gotten a raise of over 300%. Using the Energy I successfully made it through the Hollywood hoops to achieve my dream. Not bad for a guy who was making $8 an hour working in a coffee shop dreaming of writing 5 years ago.



My husband Jim has always been a healthy person. In 55 years of his life, he had never been sick with anything other than a 24 hour virus. Then, in 2011 he came down with a very serious illness. It started with severe sweats and chills, and the inability to retain any food.

We took him to the doctors and they diagnosed him with mononucleosis. Three weeks passed and Jim continued to lose more and more weight. To our great confusion, the doctors insisted it was only mono and told him to rest and hydrate.

He did not get better and I watched him become more and more listless, incapable of focusing and losing almost a pound daily.

We reached for the Energy by scheduling Personal Success Calls with Dr. B. He gave us the Energy so we could push the doctors for more tests and answers since Jim was not getting better. The doctors at a top Ivy League hospital stuck by their diagnosis of mononucleosis and would not perform additional tests, except to rerun his blood tests.

I felt so alone and frustrated, but I reached, and reached and reached for the Energy.

And the Energy supported us to find answers
One day, I suddenly remembered the name of a Chinese doctor. He prescribed Chinese teas that relieved some but not all of his symptoms.

I also called a friend in Sedona who found us a local Boston jin shin jitzsu healer who helped strengthen Jim’s immune system, relaxing him so that he was able to sleep for more than two hours at a time. She also introduced us to a high alkaline Kangen water system to help hydrate Jim’s system, which was so useful, that we use it to this day in both of our homes.

Dr.B’s Breathing Exercises were one of the only ways that Jim could find restful sleep. We communicated with Dr. B more regularly and he continued giving us the Energy to persist forward and push the doctors for additional answers.

We switched doctors, thinking that a new doctor would look at additional testing to figure out what was wrong with Jim, why he was weakening and not getting better. The new doctors from another prestigious university hospital told us not to worry and that somehow Jim would be better in a few months.

Jim and I continued reaching out to Dr. B. We felt that he was working with the Energy to try and penetrate our months and months long process of deterioration and not getting well. This was not just a situation where Jim felt poorly and could tough it out like he had done in the past. When I look back, I realize that we could not see the clock ticking. Dr. B gave us the Energy to be in reality about the situation and its severity. He gave us the Energy to continue on and find the real solution so we could beat this illness.

All the while Jim’s expert doctors were telling him not to worry even though he was weak, sick and failing.

We decided to get Jim an Individual Energy Session with Dr. B in hopes that the boost of Energy would support us to find the right doctor and solution for Jim to get better. Amazingly, three days before Jim’s Energy Session with Dr. B, his current doctor finally agreed to a different approach and ran additional tests including a CAT scan and an ultrasound. Only then did the doctors identify a massive three liter abscess in his liver. But Jim and I were notified of this days later after we had already left Boston. Surprisingly we received this news after we had been told just the evening before that the CAT scan revealed a cyst that we were told would dissolve on its own. So now with a complete change of diagnosis in a very short time of getting our Energy Treatment planned, we were told that it was a life-threatening abscess on his liver!! And at any time this abscess could burst causing Jim to have catastrophic consequences.

Dr. B helped us reach the conclusion that we needed to return home to Boston right away and that we needed to be medivac’d, with medical support on board. At the airport, medical personnel began asking me many questions and I realized the severity of the situation. In that moment I remembered an Energy conversation I had with Dr. B and I felt stillness within that completely enveloped me. After this memory, I was able to maneuver situation after situation with complete and total composure.

I saw Jim strapped into a gurney with IVs and realized the high likelihood that he could go septic at any time. But we were totally supported by the Energy throughout the entire six hour flight. There was no turbulence and we arrived just hours before a nor’easter dumped over a foot of snow on Boston and closed the airport. If we had been four hours later, we would have had to land in an airport in Maine and Jim very well could have died in the ambulance ride to Boston. There were so many miraculous wins.

Upon landing, the hospital got distracted wanting to take out Jim’s gall bladder. He was encouraged to sign a form to allow this. I wrote goals that Jim would be taken care of and reached for the Energy by doing my Stay Connected to the Energy exercises. Shortly thereafter, the doctors decided to concentrate instead on the massive life-threatening abscess in his liver, and would check later on whether there was a need to remove his gall bladder. To this day, Jim still has his gall bladder.

Jim did go septic, which meant that his entire body shut down. Two out of three cases of sepsis result in the patient dying. The doctor came out of surgery and told me and my father-in-law that he did not know how Jim had made it, but that while everything else had quit, his heart just kept on fighting. Dr. B was in complete communication with me at all times and he encouraged me to do my Breathing Exercises and Energy Practices to reach for the Energy. Dr. B gave us the Energy to make the right decisions after all of the mistakes that had been made.

After surviving surgery, Jim’s body was struggling to fight all the toxicity in his body and he was put on a ventilator. After less than 36 hours he was able to come off the ventilator. Our team of doctors remarked how they could not believe Jim had over 3 liters of toxins in his liver when he went septic and that he was off of his ventilator so quickly. It was truly amazing.

Jim was still incredibly ill, but with support from our family, friends and the MEI Energy community he was out of intensive and critical care in two weeks. We continued to use the Energy exercises and tools to find the guidance and people necessary to bring Jim’s health back. We used nutritionists, physical therapists and many others to get him well. Dr. B worked with us to ensure that Jim continued on the healing path.

Our doctors said it would take two years for Jim to recover. Thankfully they were wrong. I am marveling at Jim’s complete recovery after only one year!!!!

I am forever grateful for Dr. B’s support and the focus of the Energy. The Energy supported me and Jim in a million different ways during this long and dangerous trevail of life threatening illness, consequent surgery and sepsis and emergency intubation. And now the Energy is becoming even more helpful as Jim returns back to a thriving life.

I am forever grateful for Jim’s early stability last December so that I could spend time with my brother the last five days of his life that ended December 16th, 2011. He lived 8 months after his diagnosis which was four months longer than doctors advised. Jim was well enough to fly to Arizona and give my brother’s eulogy.

I am grateful for the continued growth of the Boston DVD Lecture Series Energy community.

I know that with access to the Energy I am and will continue to be safe and completely supported in this amazing time in my life.



Every part of my life has changed since I was introduced to the Energy. I am sharing my success story so that it can be a source of inspiration for you and how you can use the Energy in your life.

When I first learned about the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series I was traveling on an airplane. I overheard a woman talking about getting rid of anxiety through a Lecture Series with Dr. Morguelan. I was very interested in her conversation since I was finishing my third year of medical school and a complete anxious mess. I had tried medication to reduce my anxiety but nothing seemed to work.

As a medical school student I spent my entire life planning out my future. My parents had very strict guidelines for me about what I was supposed to do. I felt so much pressure all of the time and despite all the planning I felt lost. I had no confidence that I could actually make it through medical school since I was so stressed out. I considered quitting all the time!

I have to admit that after the conversation on the airplane, I did not sign up for the Lecture Series right away. I chose to attend a free Energy event to learn more. I heard other people share their successes and I felt a huge boost from being surrounded by such a positive and supportive group of people. So I signed up!

Now I have been participating in the MEI Lecture Series for almost two years and they have been the best two years of my life! I went from being an anxious medical school student to a doctor who is calm and capable. I have felt a massive boost in self-confidence. Intern year in residency is the most challenging year of all for medical students and many don’t make it through. I however had a great experience because I was using the Energy in my life. I actually enjoyed my intern year! The other medical students seemed to have lots and lot of complaints. They often shared them with me because I was having such a good time.

I grew to love the challenges that came up with school and now with my present work as a doctor. Challenges come up for me in medicine every day. Now I am able to successfully handle the challenges as they come up. I experience ease and gliding while I am working towards my goals using the Energy. My job experience has completely changed. With the Energy supporting me I am learning to be a better doctor, caretaker, listener and helper. Now I have a much broader view on different modalities that can help my patients from western and eastern medicine to simple lifestyle changes. Daily I have learned that I can help more people and provide more to the world around me.

I have received so much benefit from the Lecture Series. Dr. Morguelan gives simple two-minute Energy exercises during the Lecture that have really helped me deal with stressful days at work. I love and appreciate meeting with my Facilitator in the Series. She is supportive and inspires me everyday. I will continue to participate in the Lecture Series because I keep creating more and more new goals. I keep going for them all and having success with achieving them.

Now I want to share the most meaningful success I have had with the Energy.

Dr. Morguelan says that when you connect to the Energy, the environment around you changes. I definitely noticed that with many of my relationships with friends, coworkers and family. The one that hits closest to my heart is my relationship with my mother. For years before the Energy I had experienced a lot of deep rooted sadness and pain from a broken relationship with my mom. I tried everything to get over it or get stronger than it. I really never thought I would be free from the pain or find a solution. After having so much success with the Lecture Series, I decided to sign up for an Individual Energy Treatment with Dr.Morguelan. I made a list of goals to work on my relationship with my mother.

Then after my Treatment I met the man of my dreams and we got engaged! Brides are supposed to be happy, but I was immediately terrified about how my mother would react. Before the Energy, my parents never accepted anyone I ever dated. They even threatened to disown me when I was dating someone they didn’t choose for me. They certainly would never support me marrying someone like my new fiancee who is of a different race and religion than our family.

To my amazement, my mom accepted my fiancee! Both of my parents accepted him. We actually had a great time together when I told them the news of our engagement. We ate out, joked, laughed and everyone felt at ease. I still have a hard time believing this is really happening. I ask myself, “Is this my family?” Yes!!! We are all happy and love each other. Now I am so excited to plan my wedding.

I feel like I have a future I can look forward to that will be a fun adventure! This is something I wanted for the longest time and never knew I would achieve it.

My life is now filled with gratitude. I love life and am excited every day. I cherish my adorable cats, sweet friends, wonderful coworkers, loving parents and my absolutely amazing soon to be husband. My friendships are deeper. Life is more meaningful. I feel peace in my heart—and it is honestly the best feeling I have had in my whole life. Dr. Morguelan says he is working to create world peace one person at a time. That is the greatest gift of all!



I was introduced to the Energy about three years ago.  From the moment I first met Dr. Morguelan, I knew I had encountered a lifelong mentor, teacher and friend.  While my relationship with the Energy has beneficially influenced every single area of my life, this success story focuses on the free flow of my creativity and living a life of unlimited potential.

Before the Energy I was a successful choreographer, movement artist and community development consultant. I had accomplished a lot in my life but I still wanted more. Having access to the Energy expanded my desire to do things I had always wanted to do.

For years, I had longed to play the guitar and create original music. I was so busy with my life, focusing in areas where I already had mastery and success that I never made learning guitar a priority. I also had a hidden belief that I could only do what I was already good at. I was hesitant to be a beginner and go through the discomfort of learning something entirely new.  I feared humiliation, failure and being vulnerable in the new territory of singing my own original music. Every now and then over the years, I would pick up the guitar, unable to play anything, with a longing in my heart so strong it would move me to tears.

About a year after I began participating in the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series and Individual Energy Treatments, the desire to play guitar and create original music began to resurface in me. I decided to schedule a Personal Private Success Call with Dr. Morguelan about my desire. On the call with Dr. Morguelan I said, “I have always dreamt of playing guitar and singing. That is what I want to focus on.”  I had never said that out loud or even fully admitted it to myself until that very moment on my call with Dr. Morguelan!

Now a long forgotten treasured dream was uncovered!  I had a deep calling to bring voice to my love of life through song and music!

I have been taking action on this goal since that first call with Dr. Morguelan.  I have used all of the Energy exercises and Dr. Morguelan’s support to take on this great challenge as an opportunity.

In the beginning I could not even strum a chord on a guitar. I was terrified to sing out loud solo. I had never written a song, or composed an original melody. I only dreamed of recording someday and I had no idea how or where to begin.  But I used the Energy and I began taking small action steps towards my goal. The Energy gave me the patience and perseverance I never experienced before to allow myself the learning process.  I felt such a boost and benefit from the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series. It supported me to stay on track with my goal.

After I learned to play guitar as a beginner I wrote new goals to compose music. I was amazed how quickly the Energy supported me to come up with original lyrics and melodies. I would sit outside in the sunshine playing guitar, in communion with the Energy flowing through the sky, trees, birds, breeze and me.  The music of nature and the songs of my soul began coming through.  I literally collaborated with the Energy to create reverent, uplifting songs that praise our infinite potential, honor life and love.  This has been so incredibly fulfilling. This in itself would have been enough, but why stop there?

Many months later, after achieving success learning to play guitar and composing my own music, I decided to focus the Energy towards my even bigger dream of recording. I made this a goal even though it felt like such a huge reach that was so far away. I knew with the Energy my dream that was once impossible, and then improbable could become inevitable.

Working towards my goal to record my debut album required my total engagement, commitment and using the Energy beyond what I once thought was possible.  Every single lecture in the Lecture Series offered relevant information and vibrations that I could utilize to “go for it” with more clarity, focus and success. I have taken actions that stretched my comfort zone, capacity and preconceptions.  I faced my fears and insecurities.  With the support of the Energy, Dr. Morguelan and my community, I have been able to embrace my goal as a thrilling challenge.

One of the most steps towards my goal was raising money for the project. A friend suggested that I launch an online Indiegogo campaign to raise money to produce the project. My use of the Energy gave me the courage to do this.

What amazed me was that in just over 8 weeks, we raised close to six thousand dollars toward funding the recording project! I was able to give away inspiring perks to the contributors; including my book (which I had written and published the past year), and the yet to be completed cd and original art liner notes.  I was amazed at how community enthusiasm grew around the project.  Intimate family, friends and strangers invested in a recording project of music they had never even heard!

Within the final days of the campaign, I had a second Personal Private Success call with Dr. Morguelan.  We focused on energizing my recording project. Together, Dr. Morguelan and I set some very clear goals, including doubling the campaign contributions. I hung up the phone and got busy taking action. The last day of the campaign (one week after the call), two huge wins happened. Within minutes of each other, two big contributions came in officially doubling campaign earnings! One came from a person I have never met who loved my project and the other from my parents.

Initially I had actually been afraid to share the idea with my parents in fear that they would find it ridiculous and crazy—that at age 42, after never even playing guitar or writing music, I was recording an album and inviting the public to invest in its creation.  I was nervous to share it with them, but the Energy practices from the Lecture Series gave me courage. I was able to step out of my fear to offer my true self as part of a bigger transformation.

I always perceived my father as my harshest critic my entire life, so I was amazed to receive a note from him along with my parents’ financial contribution. His note was so loving, supportive and affirming:

“I am so excited for you!  Go for it!  We are backing you up all the way!”

Wow! That blew me away. Suddenly a lifetime of misconception, of feeling judged, unseen and unsupported for my wild, creative, far out ideas was gone. The father who used to tell me to get my head out of the clouds and stop dreaming was affirming my dreams, championing and fueling their fruition.

Who knew that this project would create such deep transformation in my being and within my family?

I am now well on my way to producing my very first album and am honored to be at this phase of the project. I have applied myself and witnessed evolution. While I am thrilled to consider the final product of my album, and whatever follows, I am aware of and grateful for the success of the process.

I feel my return to my true self. I have become a willing vessel to the poetry of the Energy. The solid backing of Dr. Morguelan, and the ongoing education he has offered has helped me do the work of unraveling beliefs and clearing mental dead-ends that would keep me eclipsed from discovering and actualizing my greatest dreams. Dr. Morguelan encouraged me to use the Energy to go BIG and to keep expanding. His support is invaluable and priceless.  I feel so grateful to have that spark and potency awake inside of me now.

My relationship to the Energy is a primary, continuous collaborative companionship—and it too has only just begun. Now, I see that every day is a new adventure; a constant discovery of what is possible and who we really are.



The eldest of my 4 children and I could not agree on anything, from the day he was born. Over the years, we just grew apart. He moved his family to a different state. I didn’t see him for over 12 years. I had never met my grandson in person.

When I spoke with my son on the phone it was always with a lot of conflict. We would constantly argue. I got to the point where I wondered if I even wanted to answer the phone when he would call. The worst thing was that I didn’t know if I could ever make a difference with him. As a success coach and management consultant, I was skilled at helping people resolve conflict and improve their lives; however with this personal situation, I felt completely stuck. Even a mother’s love was not enough.

After I enrolled in the Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series, I decided to use the tools from the course to try and create a success with my son. I used the Energy exercises and the support system on a daily basis.

In fact, I created goals in the course to have ALL of my relationships grow stronger and healthier. I followed Dr. Morguelan’s instructions in the Lecture Series to make this happen. I began doing the Energy exercises before every phone call I had with my son. I wrote Energy goals as I was answering the phone that we would have a lovely conversation and to improve our relationship.

One day after a couple months of writing the Energy goals every day, out of the blue (or out of the Energy ) my phone rang and it was my son. He said he was going to be in town and wanted to see me! I couldn’t believe he was reaching out to me for a visit.

When my son arrived at my home, the most amazing thing happened. He came to the door, I looked at him and all that was present between us was pure love.

There was nothing to say, nothing to do, and nothing to process. It was as if we had a new relationship all of a sudden after all those years. My son said, “Mom, I love you.” We gave eachother a huge hug with tears running down our faces.

We haven’t had an argument since that special day. Our new Energy way of relating to eachother with love and respect has been a success for our family. My son and his wife even moved back to Austin! And I got to meet my handsome, wonderful grandson.

Today my son and I have a loving and fun relationship. When we disagree we have realized it is ok! We don’t have to agree and we can still be loving and respectful to eachother.

This Energy has helped me to realize that all relationships can be healthy and mutually beneficial. I believe my children came into my life for a reason and I honor them. I honor my son and he honors me. This Energy allows diversity without conflict.

Energy for Success Testimonial: Maren

Maren Testimonial

In May 2016 I received my first treatment from Dr. B. About 10 weeks later, I had a second treatment, this time focusing on weight loss. Immediately following the second treatment, I lost 10 pounds in one week. I was ecstatic as the weight came off effortlessly. Then my husband returned from the Caribbean and brought home the flu. I was sick for three weeks. despite no appetite, all but 2 or 3 pounds returned. When I was better, I stuck to a 900 calorie/day diet for 10 days before weighing myself again. The scale nearly died that day. I’d gained 1 pound.

Energy for Success Testimonial: Alexandra


I started in this Energy December 24, 2016. When I began, my voice was barely audible as I had continuously and intermittently lost my voice over the previous couple of years. I thought it was laryngitis and couldn’t understand why I kept losing my voice. It turned out it was a paralyzed, left vocal cord due to an injury from December 2013 and it was getting worse over time. I went to a specialist and was told by two ENTs, I needed immediate, emergency surgery and life long monitoring because I could aspirate at any moment. (more…)


Clara Testimonial

I was introduced to this Energy two months ago at lunch with a colleague that I had done business with but never met in person. She told me about this Energy and Energy goals and I was drawn to learn more.

That evening, I went to the Energy for Success website and read everything and watched the videos on the Testimonials page. I was drawn to how real everyone was. (more…)

Werner Erhard

I found the energy program I did with Dr. Barry Morguelan very valuable in opening up new areas of energy and new freedoms of expression. The results were beyond my expectations, and I had pretty high expectations.
I believe anyone looking for breakthroughs in particular areas of life, or an increase in their overall performance, well-being, and quality of life would find Dr. Morguelan’s energy work highly valuable.

Werner Erhard

Dr. Ichak Adizes

Dr. B should not be explained. He must be experienced because his energy healing system is nothing short of magic.

I went to him out of curiosity and had no expectations that anything good would come out of this hocus pocus.

Well I was wrong. Very wrong.

It changed my marriage one hundred and eighty degrees. Like magic. I have no explanation of how it happened. As I said: magic.

I look younger. Friends that have known me for years now ask what happened when they see me. What did I do to look so much younger? And, it is happening with everyone that knows me. Incredible.

Dr. B told me he would make me lose 10 years. He did. Whatever he says, believe him.

All I can say is I paid a fortune for the treatments. It is worth to me a hundred times what I paid–the best investment I have made in my life.


Dr. Ichak Adizes

Jay Abraham

So let me introduce you to Dr.  Barry Morguelan– a medical doctor by day, saving lives through his gastrointestinal surgical practice. But by nights, he is arguably THE most gifted, proficient, and powerful US-based “Grand Master” at harnessing the powers, forces, and resources in the Energy that drives all of life (more…)