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Start by asking yourself a little (if ever) asked question: What kind of men and women created the seven wonders of the world? Things like the Great Wall of China, Mount Rushmore, the Taj Mahal, the pyramids.

Were they all geniuses? I don’t think so!

Or think about this. Here’s a list of famous historic icons who achieved utterly unimaginable accomplishments

… Alexander the Great – Napoleon – Augustus Caesar – Amelia Earhart – Julius Caesar – Abraham Lincoln – Florence Nightingale – Mahatma Gandhi – Alexander Graham Bell – Joan of Arc – Cesar Chavez – Winston Churchill – Margaret Sanger – Nelson Mandela – Thomas Jefferson – Frida Kahlo – Benjamin Franklin – Mother Teresa – T.E. Lawrence of Arabia – Sun Tzu – Archimedes – Stephen Hawking – Steve Jobs – Warren Buffett – Margaret Thatcher – Leonardo da Vinci – Michelangelo – Columbus – Marco Polo – Thomas Alva Edison – the Wright Brothers – Peter Drucker – Barbara Jordan – Martin Luther King – Isaac Newton – Frank Gehry – Alexander Graham Bell – George S. Patton – Henry Ford – John D. Rockefeller – Cyrus McCormick – J.P. Morgan – Bill Gates – Thomas Alva Edison – Georgia O'Keeffe – Milton Hersey – Walt Disney

Let's go on.

Some people say that ALL these famous icons were “God-like”? Really!? I don’t agree. I want you to imagine them as ordinary human beings that woke up, that lived their daily lives like you and me, that breathed, that ate, that had all the same daily body functions we do every day in the bathroom!

Wake Up

I have research and findings that (I say) prove otherwise. I mean come on …

How do you keep explaining the list that runs on and on like:

George Lucas. Jeff Bezos. Tony Robbins, Larry Page. Sam Walton. Mary Kay Ash. P.T. Barnum. Richard Branson. Anita Roderick. Hank Arron. Bernard Baruch. The Rothchilds. Conrad Hilton. Bill Marriott. Art Linkletter.


Are THEY and the hundreds or thousands more on the list true “god-like beings” or maybe “forces of nature” — or are they NOT, in fact, once ordinary men and women not that dissimilar to you — who each learned how to harness “then harvest” an external force available to each one of us that allowed them to be successful?

I want to show you how to be a force of nature just like these amazing people. I will prove to you in a minute it’s more logical, probable and plausible that it’s the latter– each one learned what nature’s most powerful force end-source was — and learned to utilize its near infinite power for each of their enormous purposes — be it noble, wealth creation, world domination, etc.


Now, let’s talk science for a minute since I suspect you don’t want to hear some airy-fairy explanation how the likes of an Alexander the Great became Alexander the Great – instead, you want to know how you can plug immediately into their same power source to succeed in anything/everything YOU want this life to give you or your family.


Guess what exists in an infinite capacity, powers our mind, body, organs, actions, creativity — all great achievement, and much of the health improvements modern medicine can’t explain? Energy. Energy. Energy. Or more specifically, your ability to absorb, retain and sustain more pure energy into your body and system.

Let’s go deeper and explain how it actually works. In my opinion, the outside power source for you to achieve success is available to you by absorbing much more of the Energy that abounds everywhere you look and everywhere you go.

If you don’t believe me, think about oxygen. Oxygen, it’s an element you can find on the periodic table of elements and, obviously, for us as human beings it’s critical to life. More than being critical to life, however, it actually gives life….and you’ve experienced this if you’ve ever gone to a high-altitude where there’s less oxygen and all of a sudden you’ve felt more tired. You’ve experienced it.

You might have been in a situation where you have been given oxygen, so you had an increase of oxygen into your system that allowed your red blood cells to fire, to take in more of the blood flow faster, and you had more energy. The scientific community recognizes that oxygen and additional oxygen up to a certain level is a source of energy.

What I must share with you is that oxygen is just one source of energy that falls into a particular category that we as human beings can tap into. But in fact, there are actually four main subsets of energy. I’m going to talk about that in just a second.

Nature has given us far sources of Energy but, tragically, much of the studies on alternative, additional energy sources haven’t been studied as frequently by the scientific community and therefore aren’t as well known. What I want to teach you how to do is to tap into the energy like an additional surge of oxygen any time you need it. Does that make sense to you?

Is it REALLY any wonder you aren’t producing the level of career or business achievement that you expect or that your relationships aren’t magical or your financial situation is stuck? Truly, you could say you’re lucky to have gotten this far on an empty tank?

Speaking of running out of gas, did you ever see what happens to an engine when you run the tank down or run it constantly on or just above empty? All kinds of sludge, grit, grungy particles that were sitting dormant on the bottom get sucked into the pistons. Have you ever felt physically, mentally, or emotionally constrained like maybe there was some unexplained toxic factor working against your goals and efforts? Bingo — it’s lack of a full tank of energy!

But, when I talk about energy to propel herculean accomplishments like those we discussed earlier – it’s different from the stuff you get from all the carbs or vitamins you ingest.

Dr. BI graduated from the University of Louisville medical school in 1973. I am double board-certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine and a surgeon. I was trained at UCLA and am still practicing medicine in Los Angeles. I have spent my career researching and pioneering cutting edge techniques that would more efficiently treat, heal and prevent disease. I have been blessed to have traveled globally, received honors and recognition for my work, and taught endoscopic techniques in Europe, Asia, South America, and quite frankly, ALL OVER THE WORLD!

But 20 years ago I had a life changing, career altering experience that forever transformed MY world view on everything from human performance, health and longevity, financial achievement, career and entrepreneurship, and super human levels of mental performance.

I started studying the unimaginable feats of the Chinese dynasty going all the way back 5,000 years. Turns out, almost to the emperor — the ones that produced and achieved the most remarkable world bedazzling accomplishments including The Great Walls — were those who were guided by what I call an ‘Energy Master’.

Now, these were not people who dealt with the middle eastern oil crisis. No, these were rare and incredibly trained Grand Masters at harnessing Energy and holding on to, then transferring to their emperors, super amounts of external energy.

When I realized the correlation between external energy to mammoth achievement I became driven to learn this process for myself.

Turns out that goal was far more challenging than I had ever imagined. First of all, I discovered only a handful of people alive today are Master level at this unique and little known power source, maybe three or four tops. But a Grand Master, a true Grand Master of the prestige that would have been the equivalent of an advisor, an influencer to the likes of a Confucius — there was only one left.

Northern China

Seriously, only one Grand Master – and HE was recluse – living deep in the remotest mountain area in northern China. And, he frankly didn’t train anyone anymore in his almost mythical knowledge.

But I was hopelessly driven to learn more — so I traveled on 6 different flights, 7 trains, 4 buses, a tiny boat, a donkey, then walked up 7 miles of steep and treacherous mountain paths — just to try and get an audience with the one true Grand Master in existence. Think, the last man standing.

While, at the end of my ordeal — instead of being praised and openly enthusiastically embraced and accepted for training to carry on this lost ability and knowledge — I was shut down, rejected, dismissed, and sent away with my tail between my legs.

It took me not 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 — but 5 journeys back each as discomforting and treacherous — to finally get the man’s ear — when he told me the deal he’d make. I almost fell to my knees and cried. He’d do it BUT there was catch — a monster-sized price I had to pay (and it wasn’t financial — that would have been easy).

I had to come for months at a time, for years on end, leaving my prosperous medical practice — trek up to the top of this mountain and agree to perform any and every demeaning, dehumanizing, disgusting, disheartening task he gave me — before he’d even begin the real training.

We are talking cleaning toilets, sleeping out in the freezing mountain cold with only a light robe and sandals. We’re talking about trekking up and down the mountain for his supplies. We’re talking about getting blisters on blisters, bedsores. We’re talking about me losing 40 pounds. We’re talking about being awakened at 2:00 am to perform chores and reawakened over and over. We’re talking about him not talking to me for over a year.

That was only a tiny part I paid to be able to keep being humiliated, belittled, dis-acknowledged throughout the brutal, more than decade long, training period he imposed.

I hated the suffering, but ultimately realized his motives — if he was going to share a power source capable of transforming the lives, bodies, achievements and health of human kind, I had to prove worthy, unbreakable, indefatigable, unbending and unrelenting in my resolve and purpose to master this gift — AND I DID!

As a practicing physician, researcher and man of science, please be very clear that I am not knocking the conventional science on internal energy creation and medicine. I am still a part of that world today and it has its place and usefulness!

But it pales (in my opinion) to the outside power source available to you by learning how to ABSORB more — much more of all the outside energy that abounds everywhere you look — everywhere you go.

I am merely the messenger of this information — someone who one day walked into a hospital and said, “What if people didn’t have to get sick?” I have been blessed to be able to learn how to do this and through focused courses YOU CAN TOO!!! I can train you to absorb and use this Energy everywhere you live or work. Plus — remember — you cannot overdose on this outside energy. In fact, it is many times more powerful than the kind that you manufacture inside and its power and positive effect just keeps multiplying and compounding by orders of magnitude.

Who are just a few of the people I have worked with?

Tony Robbins

Please don’t merely take my word for it - take Tony Robbins, one of my private client’s, word.

Jay Abraham

So let me introduce you to Dr. Barry Morguelan– a medical doctor by day. But by nights, he is arguably THE most gifted, proficient, and powerful US-based “Grand Master” at harnessing the powers, forces, and resources in the energy that drives all of life [READ MORE...]

Werner Erhard 

I found the energy program I did with Dr. Barry Morguelan very valuable in opening up new areas of energy and new freedoms of expression. [READ MORE...]

Dr. Ichak Adizes

To Whom It May Concern, Dr. B should not be explained. He must be experienced because his energy healing system is nothing short of magic. [READ MORE...]

Are you thinking ‘okay this is all well and good but those guys are already super colossal achievers?’ — maybe, maybe not. But the point here is that wherever they were at, when we started working together pale in comparison to the far elevated levels that they achieved after spending time with me learning how to absorb and utilize all the external energy.

From the time I spent in China, what resulted was arguably the most important knowledge transfer that may have ever been in the last century. A brash and audacious sounding statement – I know.

But one that is true and arguably provable by the tens of thousands of testimonials and success stories I’ve been privileged to produce since the training concluded.

Also — please remember so you not think me arrogant or brash — I am merely the messenger, the custodian of the knowledge, the vessel through which I can help transfer this supreme power source and force to any human being willing to accept it — including you!

Am I saying that I can turn you into an Alexander the Great or Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs or Nebuchadnezzar or Barron Rothschild? Maybe. But more likely not. WHAT I AM saying and what you'll find in the rest of the discussion you’ll find on this website (demonstrates) documents and delineates the rather extraordinary improvements I’ve been able to help people of all ages, situations, goals, plights, and maladies accomplish with issues ranging from children who are unable to speak or learn, to adults suffering from debilitating diseases, to business leaders unable to succeed in their life’s goals.

Thomas Edison

Look, there are far too many idle promises out there of methods or techniques, or ingestible or incantations that are going to magically transform your life or career or body or marriage. I can’t (no I won’t) comment on these.

I will only say that the likes of Tony Robbins, the top advisor to world leaders, one of the leading marketing minds on the planet, the founder of EST and thousands of others – people that wouldn’t go out on a limb and unequivocally recommend what I offer and the results that it produces – if they didn’t work. If they didn’t perform as promised.

But — fortunately their support and affirmations, while valuable, pales in comparison to the 20,000 ordinary men and women whose written testimonials are packed into file cabinets throughout my office.

So please study the rest of the discussion items on my website, a bit of trust and faith — and only discount my promises IF my promises fail to deliver the results you’re after.




A Lesson in Physics

As I mentioned earlier, there are 4 kinds of energy — and no matter which we talk about, the frequency (meaning altitude/attitude — these are aeronautical terms not success ones) response of the energy represents one of the most important factors: forced vibration. If you double the force vibration you double the energy delivered. Also, when you raise the amplitude of vibrations it actually increases energy intake because the mass increases with frequency.

Think of the world as one continuous energy storage vault just awaiting to fill and refill your tank perpetually. Need a metaphor? Okay. How about — when you push a child on a swing — the force applied need NOT be higher to get larger motion — a push is needed at the correct momentum to make the swing get higher and higher. Thus, similarly, you are capable of taking in energy at the correct manner and apply an almost effortless force in the correct momentum to make your life, health, career, business or relationships go higher and higher continuously.

At that point your system has reached its maximum amplitude and will continue to vibrate at these high frequency levels as the force applied stays the same.


Why this Energy Immersion Experience is Different From Anything Else You Have Experienced In Your Life

When you make the decision to learn this technology with me, first and foremost, we are talking about Grand Masters. They are inspirational. You literally feel all the dimension and senses and body and what they teach you – it goes beyond your five senses. The Grand Master lets you feel, see, experientially touch their teaching. It is not something abstract or theoretical that someone mono-dimensionally talks about. You live it, experience it. See it apply, observe first hand its results. Recognize its nuances. Most importantly — immerse yourself in the process first hand.

How can you double, redouble, maybe redouble again the results — for half the effort? Seriously?

Multiple Degrees of Freedom and Boundless Accomplishment

Done right, this “intake process” produces multiple degrees of freedom and boundless accomplishment.

Same process that resulted in the Great Wall, the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower. The same dynamic the likes of Alexander the Great, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Mother Theresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison used to achieve seemingly super human feats. I can list 4,000 more — so they can’t ALL possibly be “forces of nature”. Truly, they all were men or women like you who discovered THE most powerful force and source in nature to their own maximum personal or noble advantage.

Harness the Forces in Nature

What IS “pure” power? In physics power is the rate at which energy is transferred, used, transformed.

Again, an overabundance of energy power is available all around you, all the time — to transfer then transform your life. There’s thermal, chemical, electrical, elastic, sound, mechanical, luminous and mass among the other forms of energy vibration and resignation all around us.

Energy transforms and energy transference occurs when energies change from one form to another.

If energy transference can cause erosion, glaciers, tidal waves, wind, plate tectonics, volcanoes to erupt, earthquakes to move hundreds of miles of land mass, why then should it NOT be used to cause your mind to expand, your body to better heal, your confidence, certainty and accomplishments to expand and explode at outrageous levels? Why shouldn’t the opposite of erosion — creation be used to amplify and multiply the quality of your life and relationships?

Harness the forces in nature. Learn to use grand unified Energy to help make utterly phenomenal accomplishments happen in your life, career, finances, health and relationships.

My work has been devoted to helping liberate the life force energy from outside your body and perfect your ability to get the flow of nature’s rhythms back into you.

Liberate the Life Force Energy

Understand the energy all around us and why things behave the way they do.

The concept of energy explains why things behave how they do. If you apply force to an object you can change its energy, energy must be used to work or accelerate an object. It can do enormous work for you — producing enormous outcomes. But because energy has no direction to it, energy is not something that you can hold or touch. But stored energy can be transferred and transformed by you into achieve-mental energy, healing energy, attraction energy — once it’s filling your body and mind’s thirsty tank.

I’ve got to get this off my chest before I explode and before it’s too late for you!!

What I’m about to share with you is the why, the how, the who, the where and the amazing fascinating story behind the most important (massively effective) transformational technology you may ever experience in your entire life!

What does a Grand Master Know that We Don’t?

 The Grand Master literally emanates the teaching.
The period you share directly with the Grand Master empowers you with the ability to return to the experience later whenever you like because you get to model them. It becomes a permanent resource for you for which you can at any time rekindle your experience of clarity and decisiveness.

It’s the immaculate mind of the Grand Master that’s totally focused, relaxed and clear in all its regards that you have to see and experience firsthand — if you truly wish to master any portion (or all portions) of your own life.

You need to see it, feel it, encounter it for it to be transferred to you. That I believe I do better than anyone else you’ll ever work with.

  • Being personally trained by a Grand Master.
  • Being run through his paces.
  • Being set in the path of enlightenment and wisdom by a Grand Master who is constantly pointing you in the right direction.

Dr. B in ActionA remarkable transformational process will occur — and you have the chance to become part of it. Perhaps for the first time in your life, you have the opportunity to encounter and experience firsthand, massive and rapid change and near-instantaneous personal/business and health improvements at a level of achievement you never dreamed possible.

I wrote this long and candid document because I wanted to share something (I believe in) to be exceedingly important.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity of spending 12 of the most extraordinary months of your life discovering, learning and mastering the best kept secrets of massive change and unparalleled personal achievement and success ever shared.

Yes 12 months…I know that can be a bit extreme especially when we just met but what I know for an absolute fact is that there is no shortcut to this process. When I normally work with you, it’s a 12-month process if you want to get the full benefit. But I can see that seems a little bit extreme, maybe a bit like proposing marriage on the first date especially now when we have just met. And I KNOW THIS WORKS and you will only get the full benefit if you fully commit. I am only interested in helping you and I had the same rule for people like Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham.


In this time, I am going to simply ask you to believe and commit without knowing and if you are the type of person that is right for this…you are the type of person that is open-minded, ready to shift, and be able to get the level of benefits and breakthroughs I am talking about…. then I believe that you are going to be willing to take the leap with me.

I will also make an agreement with you, if at any time within the first 90 days, you believe you have made a mistake, that you are not ready to do this, or you believe this is not a fit for you, I’ll let you back out of the commitment that you have made. I will let you step away from your commitment to this transformation and give you a refund on the remaining nine months of your course.

Now normally, this would be 12 months to get the full benefit, I don’t expect you to be willing to commit the next 12 months to me right now, but here is what I would like to do for you. If in only 90 days, I can get you to this point…I can shift you in this way….is it the full benefit in 90-days – No, it doesn’t even scratch the surface but I believe that it will cause you to believe. I believe is will cause you to want to take the step that you likely already know you want to take and that is to fully commit to 12 months.

In this course, you will be working continuously with me and my facilitation team personally through a special energized Energy Immersion process in what I consider to be the most critical disciplines you can possibly master.

It’s a bit like a sugar rush.

3 Day Breathing App

So, if this still feels strange to you, here is what I would like to propose instead, there is a simple 20-minute breathing exercise that I will often share with friends.

When they call me and they are going through difficult times in their life, maybe it’s a divorce, maybe it’s career issues, maybe it’s that paying off things that could help, when they need help and they need help quickly, I explain to them and I remind them that to get the full benefit, it takes 12 months. And they know that and they understand that.

But I also know that they are hurting now and they want love and support, so here is what I do when I am talking to my friend. I tell them about this 20-minute breathing exercise and I ask them to listen to it two times a day. And when they finish to write goals on what they need to have a breakthrough in and then every day write the changes, positive things – no matter how small – that occur around that issue to cause a shift and a connection.

Just understand that these results, they are not compounded and without the complete system will be fleeting.

I’m prepared to offer this to you today, it will be a tool that you use when you need but it will not solve the underlying issues permanently if you don’t incorporate the whole system. You can try this out for only $97. Once you experienced the benefits however I invite you to upgrade and get the full package.

Many of you have sought out a multitude of sources for discovering success secrets. Usually the result has been less than expected and frequently much less than you wanted.

I’ve come to the belief that merely studying success passively isn’t the answer — living it, experiencing it, doing it and becoming a success in your own right — that’s my commitment to you. I’m referring to success in the totality of your being – mentally, emotionally, physically, financially – and in all the relationships you live everyday of your life. I successfully helped do it for more than 20,000 others — including famous legendary icons. Give me the opportunity to do it for and in your life too.

I’ve created a step by step experiential phased process using multiple methods to have you access this Energy (it’s too dynamic and extraordinary of a transformation synthesis to be called a mere training program) dedicated to just that — no matter what the environment, challenges, difficulty or pitfalls you may encounter along the way.

In just 12 remarkably stimulating and totally empowering months I can fully condition and compel you to convert yourself into the successful achiever you’ve already started out to be. You won’t just learn about it. You won’t merely observe by listening to others — YOU WILL ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE MASSIVE PERSONAL CHANGE, PERSONAL SUCCESS, AND LIFE IMPROVEMENT RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES EACH AND EVERY MONTH.

You have my personal commitment – my warrant – my word that I won’t merely try to force you to take action. Instead I’ll electrify and energize your mind and body with the ability to produce constant and totally measurable rapid results that you can gauge and easily use to build level upon level of continuous success.

It’s one thing to empower you to want to act. But it’s far more effective if I provide you a totally developed personalized strategy for you, individually, to follow — and enable you to experience its reward firsthand through dramatic and rapid and constantly compounding results.

In 12 uncompromising months of experiencing continuous personal change (under the watchful and benevolent eye of myself — a true Energy Master).



I want High Performance


I want Great Relationships


I want Health and Vitality


I want to Master My Mind


Mastering This Energy