The Energy for a Successful Life Lecture Series

This world-class course is designed by Dr. Morguelan to connect you with the Energy through a 5,000 year old Chinese system. Participants have reported that the Lecture Series has expanded their freedom and power so that they experience higher degrees of success in multiple important areas of their lives.

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Individual Energy Treatment

This is a special opportunity for you to gain a deeper connection to the Energy through an over 5,000 year-old Individual Treatment Session.  Your Individual Energy Treatment will take place at a beautiful location in Austin or Los Angeles at Energy central in Dr. Morguelan’s office.  You will spend your day receiving this unique Energy..

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Monthly “Stay Connected to The Energy” Call

The “Catapult Into This Energy” Audio Series is a potent and rich opportunity for anyone who has ever been treated or attended the Lecture or DVD Series. People call in from all over the world once a month to discuss how they are successfully incorporating the Energy into their work, relationships and everywhere else. There is.

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